Unboxing Tea Party - The Butterfly Project + Bag of Love + Delectable by Su

Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

I was blogwalking and saw a quite number of posts on an Unboxing Tea Party this April 27th. I'm wondering..... what have I missed?


The Butterfly Project is collaborating with Bag of Love and Delectable By Su for the unboxing tea party! How exciting is that?  ^_^

What is The Butterfly Project, you might be asking. It is a place where beauty bloggers are given the chance to attend events, review products and so much more! It's the place where us girls bonded over the beautiful things in life, nothing can beat that! :) Kindly visit and like The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers Facebook Page for more info on what it's all about! 

*source : Bag of Love

Bag of Love is a monthly subscription where you will get a beautiful bag of 5 deluxe sample size beauty products ranging from anything that says "beauty". There are 3 choices available for beauty addicts out there whether to subscribe monthly (RM39.9 per month), quarterly (RM119.70 for 3 months) or annually (RM478.80 for 12 months). They carry many brands but you won't know what you getting until the bag is in your hand, so be prepared to be surprised!

If you want to know more info about them, kindly visit their sites :
Websites : Bag Of Love
Facebook Page : Bag Of Love

*source : Delectable By Su

Now let's talk about yummy desserts. Who doesn't like sweet things? I do. Oh yes I do. Delectable By Su has the most gorgeous designs and most delicious looking desserts ever, EVER! If you want to know more about the person behind this gorgeous artwork, click  HERE . And you can visit and like Delectable By Su Facebook Page.

*source : Delectable By Su

*source : Delectable By Su

Ok NOW we can talk about the exciting tea party! ^_^

50 bloggers will receive a Bag of Love to review but only 30 bloggers will be unboxing their Bag of Love at the tea party held at Delectable By Su in Paradigm Mall on April 27th 2013. There will be 2 session (11am and 2 pm).

Meeting other cool bloggers + unboxing and reviewing beauty products + stuffing your face with desserts = what more do you want? :D

For more info on the unboxing tea party, click HERE!  and if you are interested to join the fun, click HERE !

I really want to be a part of this event as I know it's going to be super fun and awesome!  I'm a self-taught baker since 2008 and baking has been my passion since then and I enjoy every moment spent in the kitchen. And being addicted to beauty has just become a part of me since early 2012. Awwww I'm still a newbie, but I love every second of testing out and buying new products. Being a beauty addict and a home-based baker goes hand in hand with this event, right? You know I'm right....  :)

Below are a few photos of my work as a baker. I LOVE my job! :)

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Till then,

 Sabby Prue



  1. followed your blog! thanks for blogging about this Sabrina! you're like the 3rd baker blogger who joined this campaign :)))

    1. you are welcome.. hihi 3rd baker? wowwwww! hope i'm one of the 30 bloggers. :D i followed your blog too dear! :)



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