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Assalamualaikum and hello you lovely people! :)

Can you believe that July is ending soon?  And raya is going to be in about 2 1/2 weeks! Wheeeee :)

As I grow older, I never really bothered to buy new baju kurung or dress for raya. Seriously!! I don't own many baju kurung and such because I only wear them to weddings, raya or any kenduri. That's all. I guess this year I would just recycle something. Hehe I'm the queen of mix n match. Lol Even new handbag is not really a necessity. I would buy one if my current handbag is looking a bit out of shape. In that case, maybe I'll get a new one this year coz I'm so bored of it. :D

But I would definitely need a new pair of contact lenses for my eyes for Raya. I wear contact lenses because I NEED to wear them. Honestly if my eyesight is perfect, I can never be bothered about it. My current contact lenses life has come to an end. So when Glasses On Line offered to send me a pair of contact lenses, I was so happy because the timing is so perfect! :D

GlassesOnline is Malaysia's first online glasses store that offers a wide variety of prescription eye glasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses. What makes it special is that they offer :

  • Free Delivery
  • Free 30-Days Return Policy
  • Lower Price Guarantee
  • 100% Original Brands

They have a wide selection of top brands such as Gucci, Ray Ban, Prada, DKNY and lots more! Click HERE to view the full list. You might thing it is hard to order glasses online, but it's not! All you gotta do is :

1) Sign up for an account
2) Check your eyes for your current prescription
3) Choose your glasses/sunglasses/contact lenses
4) Submit order via online form or via fax or email
5) Pay your item via credit card, pay pal or even cash on delivery!

And wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep!. My contact lenses only took about 1 day to arrive, awesome! :)

To know more about GlassesOnline, visit their :

Official Website :
Facebook Page : GlassesOnline

They have a lot of contact lenses brand to choose from such as Freshlook, FreshKon, Blincon, Geo and so on. Choosing a colour is another task #worldproblem. :P  Ok so before I show you guys my new contact lenses, I used to buy those contact lenses with the diameter of 16++ . Yeah I want to look like a doll. :P

like this. besar right my eyes? my eyes are originally so bulat, using a bigger diameter does make my eyes super duper besar.

So for my new pair, I've decided I want a smaller diameter, the usual one which is 14.5. I chose Fresh Look Colorblends monthly lenses in Gray.

How do I look? More natural looking?

Ok I'm being vain. :D

               Which one do you think looks best on me? Left or right? Let me know in the comment box! :)

     GOOD NEWS!!


I'm giving away 2  RM20 off gift voucher to my 2 lucky readers! *that can be used for a minimum purchase of  RM100


All you have to do is to drop a comment with :
Name :
Email :

and a slogan " I need the gift voucher because ............"

That's all! The first 2 comments will win! :D

I will email the winners the vouchers code so that you can use upon check out! 

Hurry dearies, as the giveaway will end on 31st July and the vouchers can be redeemed just in time for your Raya. (The voucher is valid till 31st August 2013)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Name: ellisathul binti md jadin
    emel :

    I need the gift voucher because i need to buy a new contact lenses to complete my hari raya.. Using contact lenses also the necessity for me instead of wearing a spectacle.. i hope that i can win this voucher...

    p/s: i love ur look wearing the freshlook colorblends in grey... :)

    1. Hello dear! Congrats you won the first voucher! Nanti i'll email u ok? :) thanks for participating!

    2. aww.. tq sabby... alhamdulillah rejeki raya...hihih

  2. pika pun selalu beli contact lens dekat glasses online ni..servis dia terbaik!

  3. rina ellisa

    i need the gift voucher because i falling in love with ur entry about contact lense! :)

    1. Awww thanks dearie and congrats! U won the 2nd voucher! :) i will email u a lil bit later ya? Thanks for participating! :)

  4. Name: Nur Shulaili bt Sareh Husin

    I need the gift voucher because i love to wear lens for hari raya to look more chearful and beautiful..haha..saya suka pakai lens are lot more easier :)

    1. Awww sorry shu, dah ada 2 winners. Sorryyy sgt, next time ya? And thanks for participating! Checkout the website jugak, byk harga menarik! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hehe yeah i think the right one is better. :D

  6. Woweee, you look so beautiful with and without those contacts. Just so you know, we sell Freshlook contacts for very cheap on our site -

  7. One benefit of freshlook contacts are that they are daily use. This can cost more, but it also can improve the health of the eye, since there is no build-up on the lens that can come from longer use.

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