MBSB Cheeky Savings Club "Over The Top 2" Audition

Have you ever watched a reality show at TV3 called Over The Top? Since the rating for last year's season is good, a second season is coming to you! Over The Top is a children reality TV show that aimed to challenge these kids' skills, strengths and the ability to make important decision. These kids need to be physically well prepared and also mentally ready for any obstacles they about to come across in the show. 

On 29th June 2013 , an audition for "Over The Top 2"  game show is held in Sri Pentas TV3, Bandar Utama with  a turn out of 250 kids from all over the country. Now that's a lot compared to last year was only 153 kids showed up! The reality show is brought to you by MBSB Cheeky Savings Club and produced by Island Talk Asia.  MBSB acts as a financial provider that offers a variety of financial products and services for individuals and corporates nationwide.

MBSB Cheeky  Savings Club is targeted to children aged 18 and below. Great benefits waiting for those who signed up for  MBSB Cheeky Savings account because they are eligible to apply exclusive Cheeky Membership Card which has so many fantastic benefits such as :

a) 2.5 percent profit per annum
b) Exciting club activities (Superkids Programme, School Holiday camps and field trips)
c) Great discounts
d) Exclusive Cheeky Merchandise for free.
e) Joining Incentive Discount Voucher
f) Online deals offer on Cheeky Club Portal

 For more info on the benefits, click HERE

MBSB Mascot was there too!

Adorable kids :)

Celebrity judges such as Elfira Loy, Najwa Latif, internet celebrity Melaka Boy and also child celebrity Mia Sara were there to give their supports to these kids. Basically this audition is considered as an interview session for the children. Judges were asking questions such as why they want to be in the game show, what they are going to do with the money prize if they win, do they have any special skills, talent and so forth. FYI, only 18 kids will be chosen in the show and stand the chance to win the exciting prizes!

Brave kids and very confident of themselves! Good job kiddos! :)

Watching those kids replied made me laugh because they are so pure and honest when answering the questions. Kids are known for being honest because they would just tell you how they feel. I'm so proud of them for being brave enough to stand in front of many people. :)

Over The Top is a reality show where each team will compete against each other in exciting challenges to avoid elimination on a weekly basis. The show is hopeful to teach and educate children on the importance of time and money management. Plus,there will be a weekly financial tip for home viewers by MBSB Cheeky Savings Club for children so they will have more knowledge and further understanding of the role of money in their daily life. 8 weekly episodes of Over The Top 2 is scheduled to be aired at TV3 from October until December 2013 so be sure to mark your calendar to watch these adorable kids! ;)

The exciting prizes for the winning teams include :

Grand Prize :
RM30,000 savings money (RM10,000 per team member in their MBSB Cheeky Savings Club)
An all-expense paid trip to Disneyland and Ocean Park, Hong Kong

2nd Runner Up :
RM6,000 savings money (RM2,000 per team member in their MBSB Cheeky Savings Club)

3rd Runner Up :
RM3,000 savings money (RM1,000 per team member in their MBSB Cheeky Savings Club)

To know more about the reality show, visit :
Official Website : MBSB - Over The Top Season 2
Facebook Page : "Over The Top" MBSB Cheeky Savings Club

To know more about MBSB Cheeky Club, visit :
Official Website : MBSB | Cheeky

Till then,

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