Laundry day with Vanish!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Weekend is approaching so I guess everyone is pretty excited right? :D

The only thing that I'm looking forward on weekend is to do my laundry. Why? Because Sunday is my laundry day! :D Well I'm not THAT excited to do laundry *clears throat*  hahaha but hey, I know it's sounds crazy but laundry day is sort of therapeutic to me. Clean clothes, drying outside under the hot sun and the smell of clean fabrics really got me. Ok for me la, don't ask me to wash your clothes pulak! :P

Have you guys try Vanish? I heard about it before but never tried any of Vanish's products. Therefore I'm excited to share with you my experience of using Vanish.

Vanish Power O2 (Fabric Stain Remover)
Vanish Power O2 Crystal White (Fabric Stain Remover + Whitener)

So my pretty white top has a sambal stain which I don't even know how it got there. Just a lil disclaimer, I am a bit clumsy and a bit comot when I'm eating. :D

Ok what do I have to do to remove the stain and ensure that my clothes will be as white as before?

This is the solution! 

I would rub/remove gently any excess of the sambal.

I pour a tiny bit of the Vanish Power O2 Crystal White remover, add a bit of water...

And rub it in. Just to make sure that the stain remover really gets into the fabric.

And then....

1. Get a pail and pour water into it together with my white top.
2. Pour a half scoop of the Vanish Power O2 Crystal White into the water.
3. Soak for about 6 -12 hours.

After soaking for 12 hours, the stain is gone! Yippeeee! *I actually forgotten about my blouse hence the 12 hours. huhu I guess 8 hours should be ok. :P* See how easy it is to remove the stain? Thanks to the the Oxi Powerlift agents that helps to remove tough stain!The retail price is RM13.80 for 500g. The price is okay for me because you only need a small amount when using.

You can use this pink coloured bottle of Vanish for your coloured clothes. I use this to soak my shawls, my under garments, and any of my clothes that need to be hand washed. The step is as same as the step above. But you can totally use this in your washing machine, just follow the instruction on the bottle! :)

Do you know that you can request for free sample and it will be delivered to your doorstep?
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Don't forget to get the free samples and join the contest ok? :)

Till then, happy laundry day!

Sabby Prue



  1. saya suka Vanish. dah lama guna dalam 3 tahun rasanya. dah lama juga. paling suka warna pink dan jenis cecair. kalau serbuk & liquid(pekat sikit dari cecair) tak berapa suka. putih pula jarang guna. :)

    1. hihi good for u dear. i baru je try and i'm loving it so far! :)

  2. seriously?? wah. nak kena try ni.. memang betul2 dapat hilangkan kotoran tu

  3. memang berkesan,,, MrJocko selalu guna Vanish



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