Neesya Skincare Range of Beauty Products Launch by Skinworkz Sdn. Bhd

Last week I got the opportunity to attend a launch of a new skincare product  by Skinworkz Sdn. Bhd called Neesya. Have you heard about Neesya? When I found out about the event, that was the first time I heard about the brand. I was interested to know more about these skincare range because of 3 things ; it is a Malaysian product, natural ingredients and 100% halal.

What : Neesya Skincare Range of Beauty Products Launch by Skinworkz Sdn. Bhd
When : July 4th 2013, 2pm
Where : Swensens, Subang Parade

Why is the name Neesya, you might ask. Well, Neesya means butterfly in Greek that symbolizes transformation for every women that is special and has their own inner beauty that is ready to be transformed. Every woman has the same needs and wants to be more beautiful each day, don't you agree? :) 

The 3 principles that Neesya stood by as explained by the CEO of Skinworkz Sdn. Bhd, Chris Yong are : 


To sum it up, all Neesya skincare range works together to promote healthy, translucent-looking skin that reflect and refract light just like a diamond. Neesya users now can achieve 'skin that shines from within'  in just 14 days! This is a promise made by the Neesya LumiScience technology that has taken the 360 degrees approach that helps to achieve skin clarity and radiance. A total approach that combines the understanding of skin physiology, skin radiance factors and the natural ingredients in the products  that promotes advanced brightening, hydration and anti-oxidant. 

Neesya Lumi and Lumi Science products help to :

Brighten dull and uneven skin tone
Fight dark spots
Enhance skin translucence through the new skin radiance technology 

Neesya Skincare Range is divided into 3 types:

1. SIGNATURE RANGE - LumiScience

(a) Illuminating Essence (65ml - RM79)

(b) Hydrating Serum (30ml - RM75)

(c) Brigthening Eye Contour Gel (30ml - RM67)

2. CARE RANGE - Lumi

(a) Brightening Cleansing Milk (coming soon) (100ml - RM49)

(b) Brightening Gel Cleanser (100ml - RM29)

(c) Brightening Toner (110ml - RM45)

(d) Brightening Skin Refiner (75ml - RM35)

(e) Brightening Day Cream with SPF 20 (50ml - RM64)

(f) Brightening Night Rejuvenator (Night Cream) (50ml - RM69)

(g) Brightening Overnight Mask (75ml - RM59)

3. ANCILLARY RANGE - Skin Essentials
(a) Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (110ml - RM35)

♥ Photos during the products launch ♥

CEO of SKinworkz Sdn Bhd, Chris Yong during products presentation.

Demo on a blogger, Cik Lily Putih

Trying out the Brightening Skin Refiner 

Massage into skin

Wipe off with cotton pad

Testing the Illuminating Essence

Applying the Overnight Mask


I tried out the products on my left hand (but in this picture, on your right ya)
I like it that I can feel the products sinking into my skin because somehow I can feel that the product is doing something. And the scent is very subtle, without those chemically scent, well of course these are natural ingredients. :D

Met a new blogger friend, the ever sweet Sharon :)

I had this Chocolate ice cream at Swensens. To those who loves chocolate, you better try this. It's not for me, way too chocolatey. I'm a vanilla girl. :D 

And then we headed out to Neesya outlet in Subang Parade.

Yhey are having Raya promotion as well, go and check it out!

 And we received a box of Neesya to try out, Thanks Neesya! :)

If you are interested to try out Neesya's product, kindly head on to :

Neesya's outlet : Lot GC3A, Feound Floor in Subang Parade. 
Official Website : Neesya The Science of Beauty
Facebook page : Neesya Skincare

Till then,

Sabby Prue

*Disclaimer : Photo credits to Skinwokz Sdn. Bhd and my own.



  1. saya dapat jugak invitation ni... tapi tak dan nak pergi.... huaaaaaaaaa!

    1. its ok dear, bole checkout the counter kat subang parade. ;)

  2. Very helpful post. I really need this information skin care . I will follow all the instructions.



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