Plus Size Kitten 5th Anniversary!

Assalamualaikum and hellooooooo!

Tammy, the owner of  Plus Size Kitten  created an instagram photo contest to any bloggers who would like to join her to celebrate her 5th year anniversary of blogging. The rule is so simple where you only need to upload a photo of yourself in instagram with #plusizekitten and #tgvcinemas and also a birthday wish for her. hihihi I didn't use my face, but instead I use one of my cat's. hahaha kesian Mok Dey! :P

This what got me a pair of tickets! Thanks Tammy for choosing me as one of the winners. hahahaha :P
p/s : yeah i pakaikan him my tudung. muahahaha :D

What : Plus Size Kitten 5th Anniversary
When : June 22nd 2013, 10am - 1.30pm
Where : TGV 1 Utama Beanieplex

I'm so excited because this is my first time in a Beanieplex. Woot Woot! Besides One Utama, the Beanieplex is also available in Sunway Pyramid, Tebrau City (JB), Bukit Indah (JB) and !st Avenue (Penang)

The dessert spreads by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

Everything looks so yummy! ;) 

ok so blurry T_T

Ok this is better. hehe the Beanieplex is spacious and it is a great place for a party, seriously. The beanbag seats are comfortable with leg room of 2.0m allowing customers to golek-golek and sleep *eh* :P Sitting on a beanbag does make you feel like you are enjoying the movie at your own home. ;)

I had a cupcake before the movie starts!

While waitingggggg....

No, I don't wanna share my popcorn

yeahhh.. all mineeeeeee!

I guess I'm too excited. I can't stop laughing. hehe

eh tertidur pulak?? tsk tsk

If you wanna know more about this awesome Beanieplex, click HERE to be directed to TGV's official website! ;)

A welcome speech by Tammy. You're so sweet!

Eh do you guys know what movie are we going to watch? wellllll, if you can already tell based on the desserts table and our theme colour......

Yeah... Man of Steel! :D It was a good movie but man, the actions are pretty tight! And Kal-El is hot. hihi yeah that's all girls wanna see, kan? hahahha

After the movie, cake cutting!

Group photo!

All the bloggers! 

With the sweetest, most supportive and passionate person I've ever known, Tammy comel! Thanks for having me, I had so much fun! Everything was great and thank you so much for organizing the party for us. I hope you had a great time too. You are the best! xoxo :)

Oh and I got this. A homemade lips scrub by Tammy. Smells so good, and taste even better! heheheh I've been using it every night to get that supple and yummilicious lips. It works well to get rid of those dead skin on your lips. Wheeeee.. But remember to toss it out after a month because this is homemade and it won't last that long. But you can keep it in the fridge to last a lil bit longer.

red fishtail blouse | FLY by Qd & Sabby
printed pants | kitschen
wedges | london rebel
hobo bag | charles & keith
shawl | wangsa walk 

this is my printed pants. So comel, I love it so much. But macam seluar tidur kan? hahah yeah whatevs! :P

 Have a great day everyone! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Beaniplex mmg best, boleh buat org tidur..hehe

    1. ahaha kannnn... rasenye mcm ade tertdo kejap masa movie.. hehe :P

  2. awww...sabby cute as always..budak ni!!!!!! I can't wait to see u again tomorrow kat massage party...

    Alahai comelnya budak ni..siap posing kat beanieplex!!!! thx for coming Sabby dear.. n thx for your awesome yummy (sinfully dark) Nutella Cheese Cake!! finally get to taste it after i order (tapi tak makan) from u.....

    i was enjoying every mouthful.......... and keeping the last one till XD I pms!!!

    1. u r welcome babe.. I'm glad you love the cheesecake. :)

      you are such a great inspiration to all the bloggers out there, well to me at least. keep on BEING YOU, because YOU are AWESOME!! love ya!

      xoxo :)



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