Spa Party with The Butterfly Project

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

I'm feeling so good today, how are you ladies? I hope my Muslim friends had a wonderful first day of fasting. :)

Finally, I finished compiling all the photos from the awesome spa party that I went last 2 weeks. Oh yes please get excited, because this post is fully loaded with photos! :D

Btw, this is the spa party organized by The Butterfly Project with awesome collaborators. I had to write a post on why I want to go to  the spa party in order to get an invite. If you wanna read that entry, click HERE! :)

What : The Butterfly Project's Spa Party
When : June 29th 2013, 1pm -5pm
Where : Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI

Oh btw, the theme is to wear a bathrobe and flip-flops. hehe

Food spread by Good Friends Cafe

Mini burgers. Nyums!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

DIY Station

We made our own foot scrub! Thanks Ayna for teaching us. hehe

These treatments are waiting for us. Wheeeeeeee it's a coupon system where you need to give the staff at the station you went to. Basically you can start anywhere, whatever is available.

 So my first station is ......


Haven't done this for so long. And I don't really paint my nails, once in a while bole la... The staff, Linh is one gentle lady. hihi

 so cute kan! :D Haha
 yes my fingernails are so small, like babies. I know I know -_-

Tammy welcoming us with a speech. Telling us to have fun and to enjoy ourselves. To go wild and crazy!!! hahaha Woot Woot!

semangat. :D

with Mama San Tammy. She likes to buli manja me. :D

alolo kawaii!

 My ride mates for the day. I had fun in the car girls. hihi :)

What's next?

Fashion Show by Pink n Proper. Sexy ladies alert!! Grrrrrrr ! ;)


Wiida Ribbon

These are the bloggers that became a model for a day.. hehe Sorry I didn't get all the pix of the models but everyone was stunning! :)

Then I headed upstairs for a massage. Yeah I need this badly........

and I found this 2 lovely ladies waiting for their facial. :)

The massage room. 

So relaxing.... I want moreeeeeeee..  I did fell asleep but Farah was laughing maybe because she's geli geli when people touch her. hahaha so I didn't sleep, have to gelak sekali with her. :D But honestly the massage is super good. hmmmmm

Next is,


Yeah my feet need some pampering you know. Some TLC. 

The girls enjoying their Pedicure

This is the colour I chose, bright fuchsia. Whewitt! so pretty and yeah it is super bright! hehe the brand is Zoya and the shade is number 34 (according to the sticker on the bottle)

and oh this is the Havaianas that I bought a week or so before the party (Thanks for the RM20 off voucher!) I love it so much because of the strap. I wanted another colour but my feet is super small, they don't have many designs for my size. so sad. :(  My shoe size? the smallest for sure. :P And a big thanks to the staff at Pavilion because he was so friendly and helpful. Good job Havaianas!

Awww.. so comelssss :D

We're about to come to the end my darling.........

Closing Speech

And winner announcement!

She's so lucky coz she won a full size bottle of Feragamo My Signorina. Envy! :P

Sorry I didn't managed to get any photos because so sibuk at the fotobox! ahaha 

This is the fotobox where you can capture photos with your friends an be crazy! miahahaha

like this! :P

And the best part is that these photos can be send to your email for your copy. Sweet! :)

With Cik Lily Putih

with my sweetie pie Ayna

pic credit : Sabrina Tajudin

My beautiful blogger friends!

*Sorry that I missed out anyone else, do drop your link in the comment box and I will include yours! :)

And the best part... I came home with these goodies!

Vouchers from Posh! Nail Spa, Aspen Spa, Pink & Proper. Goodies for Johnson's, TT Mask, The Body Shop, Loreal, Maybelline, Max Factor and Signorina sample. Not forgetting our DIY Foot scrub! And the bag itself is from River Island UK, sweet! ;)

I was so happy that day, spending time with my friends and doing girly stuff. A big thanks to Tammy, Illy, Ayna & Laura for organizing an awesome spa party. A girl could never ask for more. *the BIGGEST HUGS from the smallest person :P

I would like to say  THANK YOU to all the participating sponsors, everything was great and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to join this amazing event! :) 


Till the next girly session,

Sabby Prue




  1. suka bace :) comel la your havaianas! n glad that your enjoyed the massage session.. Farah gelak geli? mesti comel hahaha

    1. ahaha comel kan? i beli this one bcoz of the strap. hehe

      hahah iye si farah tu duk gelak2, haha comel sgt! :P

  2. Glitters nail polish, nice! Want to try it too, one day.. hehehe

    1. hihi try it dear, so much fun and so girly! :P

  3. sangat tgk..

    1. mmg best, nanti join la butterfly project. u won't regret it. :)

  4. Wowww bestnyerrr! girly event xpnh pegi well xpnh menicure pedicure pongggg hehe sure one day i will lorh

    1. hihi insyaallah, i pun jarang, once in a while bila teringin je baru buat. :)

  5. seronok kan.. nanti jumpa lagi! weee~~~

    1. seronok sgt. hehehe especially dgn korg semua. xoxo

  6. awhh...tooo bad tak dapat join that day..sadis sgt..everything looks awesome! sadis again!! hehehe
    anyway, nice to meet you sabby ^_^
    see ya again later .. wink wink

    1. nice meeting u too dear. nanti kita jumpe lagi and hangout ya. hari tu x dpt join u ngn wiida shopping. jealous. hehe

  7. So happy that you girls are having so much fun, thank you for coming Sabby dear <3



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