February 2014 Favourites and Highlights

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! 

 I have a bunch of new stuff that I have been loving last month, so lets get started! ;)

1. Etude House, M'Eye Liner in black (RM19.90)
This liquid liner has been my favourite since forever. Somehow I stopped using it because I wanted to try other brands such as Maybelline, Silky Girl and Koji Dolly Wink. But none of them compare to this liquid liner. It is a liquid liner where you need to dip the brush into the bottle, it is not a pencil type liner. What I love the most about this liner is that it dries fast, it is very black and it is easy to remove. Perfect.

2. Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony (RM95)
I bought this in January, and I have been using it non stop. It's the perfect pink flush on my skin tone and I absolutely adore it. Read my FULL REVIEW. :)

3. ARTDECO Mineral Powder Foundation (Loose Powder) in No. 340 (RM100++)
I got this loose powder when I attended the brand's launching event months ago. I was not really into loose powder because I always thought loose powder is too messy to handle. However I tried it anyway and I fell in love the first time I use it. In the beginning I use it to set my make up then I use it on its own when I want a minimal make up look. The powder is not cakey, looks natural on my skin and the shade is the right match. I highly suggest this product if you are looking for a loose powder. 

4. Maybelline Lip Polish in Pop 5 (RM32.90)
I love this lip potion! It's easy to use, it gives me what I want and the shade is perfect for my everyday look. I have been rocking this lip polish since I got it. Major love! Read my FULL REVIEW. :)

5. Nature Republic Natural Vitamin Facial Mist Vitamin C (RM28++)
It is so freaking hot nowadays and I always feel my skin is too dry due to this crazy weather. I have been using Avene Thermal Spring Water for the longest time and I wanted to try something else. I picked out this facial mist from Nature Republic to try it out. Nature Republic Natural Vitamin Facial Mist Vitamin C is very cooling and refreshes my skin after spraying it on my skin. The nozzle produced fine mist which is a great thing because it does not squirt out products on one spot which can be so annoying. I love the 50ml size because I can carry it around in my handbag and just spray it on when I feel my skin is a bit dry. I also use this facial mist to set my make up. Killing 2 birds with one stone, why not? ;)


Yup it's the plain water bottle that I got (read my collective haul) recently. Because of this, I have been drinking at least 1.5 litres of water everyday. But I always push myself to drink more than 2 litres. This water bottle is a 700 ml bottle, so to get my 2 litres of water daily, I need to refill 3 times a day. It is such a good way to keep track of my water intake instead of trying to keep track using the regular drinking glasses. I would just be in my room drinking and after an hour, it's finished! How amazing is that? I use to feel that drinking water is the most tedious thing to do but you know what, I love water now! :P


I baked a Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes for a birthday party! I used fondant decoration and this is my first time doing a Minnie Mouse themed cake and cupcakes. I am so new at this but I'm glad I took the job and challenge myself. ^_^

What do you think? :D

I've changed my blog header a few weeks back because I wanted a new look. I want it to be simple, clean and represents my favourite things, which what you can see in my header. :) I absolutely love it because it is so darn adorable! ^_^ I entrusted Mira from Scribbledydum to designed this header for me and I really feel she did a great job. She also designed my watermark for my photos too (the one with lipstick). If you are interested to hire her as your blog header designer, kindly contact her at miracikcit@gmail.com :)



Check out my top 3 posts for the month of February if you haven't! ;)

Okay lovelies, that's all for now. I need to clean up my messy room. Lots of home chores to do. Adios! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. header baru cantik and simple! you make me wanna try that Nature Republic face mist :D

    1. thanks sweetie! aah try la facial mist tu, rasenye ade lagi 2 variance. :)

  2. My skin is super dry too! Maybe I should try the Nature Republic facial mist. Which one do you like better though, Avene's or Nature Republic's? :)

    1. hmm I can't really decide actually. Avene is more healing and soothing, while the Nature Republic is more cooling and keeps the skin fresh. Both does gives the hydration I need. I like both. :P

  3. So cute lah kak that minnie mouse cupcake... the header pun comel :)

  4. i love your new header so much, seriously! but the old one also nice :'D

  5. Super love the minnie mouse cakes!!! <33 great job!

  6. The ARTDECO loose powder tu memang best, mak anis pun guna and dia cakap elok loose powder tu.

    Comel gila cupcake!!! geram nengok ^_^

    1. aah best kan loose powder, akak suka! :) thanks anis, jemput makan. hehe



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