I've joined Be Beautiful & Confident Contest by Veet, have you? :)

I don't know about you, but I always feel a woman is sexy and feminine when she enhances her own beauty. It could be about anything and everything that you could possibly imagine. For instance, I would feel good for the rest of the day if I wear a sexy lingerie underneath the clothes. Even though no one is going to see it except for myself, slipping a sexy lingerie under the clothes makes me woman feel good about myself, sexy and feminine at the same time. It really boosts up my confidence level and made me believe I can do anything! Veet depilatory certainly makes me feel the same way by having hair-free, smooth, soft and touchable skin. And trust me, when a woman feels good about herself,  she can take over the world anytime! I am not sure if any women out there feels this way too, but I always feel like a man if I do not wax those area. I don't feel 'woman' enough! -___- Do you girls feel that way? This is where Veet comes in and help us to sort out our dilemma! I have been using Veet since I was 18 years old and each products I've tried helped me in achieving smooth, touchable and hair-free skin. Maybe you think why do you need to be 'hair-free' to feel good about yourself? Well honey, if you ask me, having smooth, touchable and hair-free skin boosts up my confidence, makes me feel like a woman, makes me feel sexy and makes me feel I can do anything. ^_^

Do you girls remember the Veet Be Beautiful and Confident Contest I mentioned several days ago? Have you girls participate in the contest? If yes, good for you! :) If you haven't, WHY NOT?  Don't you want to party with the lovable and gorgeous Izara Aishah?  ^_^

Izara Aishah is a Malaysian actress who began her acting in 2011. She has been in numerous television series and commercials. If you've seen Oh My English, she is one of the character in the series! ;)

If you are not sure how to participate in the contest, don't worry darlings, I will walk you through because I personally have joined in the contest! ;)

First up, go to the Veet Be Beautiful & Confident Contest Facebook App and the link will take you to this page.

You need to purchase any Veet product worth of RM15 from Watsons (keep the receipt) and you are now eligible to enter the contest!


Upload a photo of yourself that exudes confidence and femininity and of course, tell Veet why it is important to have hair-free skin! ;)

Don't forget that you can now download a RM5 voucher by just clicking this link. :)

10 lucky winners with the most creative answers will be having make over session with the beautiful Izara Aishah! I can only imagine how fun and exciting the make over session will be. Every girls need to be pampered and spoilt for a day, don't you want to be a part of that? ^_^

Well if you do, click HERE! ;)


For more information on Veet Malaysia, please visit :

Veet Be Beautiful & Confident Facebook Apps:  http://www.facebook.com/VeetMalaysia/app_642460945819392
Official Website : http://www.veet.com/


Okay dearies, I gotta go now, don't forget to join the contest because it will end on 31st March 2014. HURRY!  I know it's going to be awesome! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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