Veet Be Beautiful & Confident Contest!

I remember when I was in school, talking to my friends about waxing and how those conversations made us laugh so hard. The idea of stripping of body hair sounds so funny and scared us at that time. Do we really need it in that particular moment? Maybe not but surely we need it when we grow older. The first time I 'met' Veet was in my early twenties. I have been wanting to try it out but I'm afraid of the pain. Yeah,  pulling of hair off my body is not really 'fun' in my vocabulary. T__T  but I did it anyway, bought a pack of the hair removal cream. Let me tell you this, that was the beginning of my love towards hair-free, smooth and silky skin! ^_^

Veet is the world's No. 1 depilatory cream and if you haven't try any of the products, you are missing out big time! Veet always believes that a woman is beautiful and desirable through her confidence and femininity. What's more beautiful than a woman who is confident about herself, am I right? ;) Veet has a wide variety of hair removal products as they are the expertise in this field, that's why they will only provide the best care ever for skin. Hair-free, smooth and touchable skin can boost up a woman's confidence and help her to achieve her dreams. Well I know if I feel good, I know I will perform better! ^_^ I want to share an exciting news with all of you, drum rolls please!! :) Veet is organizing a contest, VEET BE BEAUTIFUL & CONFIDENT CONTEST to celebrate women who appreciates their confidence and femininity through their hair-removal practice . It is so easy to join the contest, log into your Facebook and let me talk you through! :) 

This link will bring you to this page.

That's the prizes! 10 of the contestants with the most creative answers will win an exclusive make over session with Malaysian celebrity, the gorgeous Izara Aishah! ^_^ Pampering, girly session, laughters, food, what more can you ask for? It's going to be awesome! :) Now all you need is to purchase any Veet product worth of RM15 from Watsons (keep the receipt) and you are automatically eligible to enter this contest! Click JOIN THE CONTEST NOW to register.

Upload a photo of a beautiful, confident and feminine YOU. :)

Fill in the details and of course, give them your MOST CREATIVE answer in order to earn a spot in the makeover! Be creative, be funny and be smart about what you are going to write. ^_^ Click SUBMIT and you are done! Wheeeeee :D The contest ends on 31st March 2014, so make sure to register before the deadline. Oh you can also download a RM5 discount voucher from the Facebook App (CLICK HERE). 


For more information on Veet Malaysia, please visit :

Veet Be Beautiful & Confident Facebook Apps:
Official Website :


So lovelies, what are you waiting for? Make over session with other girls and a celebrity, food, a total indulgence for a day. Now tell me you don't want to experience any of those? I bet it's going to be a lot of fun. ^_^ So don't forget to REGISTER and pray for the best! ;)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Lets join the contest together and win the make over session ! :D

  2. Assalamualaikum kak sabby. selamat pagi.. wahh bestnya... sheila singgah dan menabung nuff akak kat sini. heheee ~~~

  3. nak join juga, tapi rasanya sure event kat KL. susahnyee nak gi KL

    1. ika duduk kat mane? ala kalau kt kl pun xpe kan, set a day and turun la kl. :)

  4. Hi kak, singgah sat blog akak ni nk tgk post ni and also naked 3 palette. nk cuci mata sat. hahaha

    1. hahah sempat! nak beli naked 3 ke? sephora dah ade stok ke?



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