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Assalamualaikum and hello my love! Today I have a special beauty product dedicated to the girls who are so worried about their double chin and chubby cheeks. Well, for me my double chin has been around since forever (I guess it runs in family genes). Anyway, I'm so excited when I received this parcel because I know I will be needing as my big day is coming soon. ^_^ So let's jump right to it, shall we? :) Lasertox V-Line Shape Up is a product by Klarity which is one of latest brands that Luxola brought in their store. What fascinates me that Klarity products are certified Halal! When I was looking online searching about this Lasertox, I didn't really manage to get much information on it but hey, that's why I'm here right? *hehehe*

Lasertox V-Line Shape Up is an intensive 5 days treatments that shapes and lifts the face. Yes darling, this is the product if you want to keep away that double chin and have the V shape on your chin. I know it sound crazy, 5 days? I have been battling double chin my whole life, and I have really high hope on this! The package comes in 3 products that contains BODYFIT™1 which penetrates into the skin to shape the V-line and improve your facial structure. The special ingredient, Adenosine is the one that helps to reduce the appearance of double chin and contour your face at the same time. 

3-in-1 kit : V-line Shape Up Sheet,  V-line Face Belt and V-line Shape Up Cream

V-line Shape Up Sheet is the first step that you need to do. Apply it under your jaw line. It is halal and not tested on animals which is awesome! Made with natural ingredients. 
Follow up with Velvet Silicone belt which is perfectly fit in the V-line. 
It has acupuncture points that helps blood circulation. Let it under your chin for 30-45 minutes.

After 30-45 minutes, remove the face belt and apply V-line Shape Up Cream to hydrate the skin and restore skin's firmness. It is made with natural herbal extracts.



Check out this video for more depth information on how to use it! 
*I'm sorry I don't have any photos of me using the product because I will be exposing my neck and hair line if I do that (religion reasons).*

Now you know how to do it, lets take a look whether this 5- days treatment really works on me!

Now, can you tell difference? I certainly can! Oh my gosh, I would never expect this product would work. I can tell the difference by just looking at the side photos. Oh my god!! T_T If I can get this result in 5 days, I would definitely do it over and over again.  When I applied the mask sheet under my chin, I immediately sense this burning sensation feeling. It lasted through the 30 minutes but eventually it gets lesser. I do have sensitive skin so maybe that's why the burning sensation lasted during the whole process. But don't worry, it's not painful. :) I read some reviews saying that they felt the same burning sensation too. After taking of the face belt and the mask sheet, I gently massage the remaining residue onto my skin. After that, I apply the Lasertox V-Line Shape Up Cream onto my neck till my jawline. The cream is fast absorbing (which is always a good thing in my book).  I am not sure how long would this remedy for our double chin area will stay on but for a quick remedy, I would say YES!  The only problem for me is that I really need to be discipline to do it because this is a 5 days treatment. I actually missed out 2 or 3 days because I was so busy and when I got home the only think I want to do is sleep. *huhu* To be honest, the Lasertox V-Line Shape Up really suprised me because I don't think that it would work! I'm a happy girl! This routine will DEFINITELY be included in my skincare routine a week before my wedding day. *hehe*

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  1. It was a huge difference, I saw a couple of these on hermo.my & wishtrend but they're from different brands and they are cheaper than this, always had my doubts about these things, but now I'm going to give it a shot! thank u :)

    1. I was surprised too! Haha do try it out and let me know the feedback. :)

  2. Woah it does look slimmer! But does it stay that way or was it just temporary?



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