Zespri 14 Day Challenge : Day # 4 and # 5 - Digestive health and homemade Kiwi Salsa!

Assalamualikum and hello love! One of the reason why I love Zespri Kiwifruit is because of the digestive health it provides to my body. I actually have no problem with my digestion because I do 'go' everyday. *hahaha is it TMI? :P* But by having kiwifruit daily, it really makes my tummy feel good and I do not suffer from any bloating or whatsoever. Actinidin, which is a unique enzyme in kiwifruit that helps to break down protein. Other than actinidin, fibre plays an important role in our digestive system. There are two types of fiber ; soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fiber helps in delaying the absorption of sugars and cholesterol through its ability to attract water and becomes gel- like. This is super good for my body as I do suffer from high cholesterol level. T_T . Meanwhile, insoluble fibre helps to prevent constipation. I really don't like constipation guys, it is very uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of felling full and bloated, it's annoying! 

I have a new recipe for you to try out, which I created  for an appetizer or as pre-meal. I love the taste of fresh produce and how it is very easy to put together. Let's get started, shall we? :)


Fresh ingredients :

2 large tomatoes
1 Zespri Green Kiwi
1/2 onion
1 jalapeno pepper
1 juice of lime
Salt to taste

*Makes 3 servings

The recipe is super simple as you only need to diced and chopped them up! Mix them all in a large bowl.

Diced tomatoes. I removed the watery part of the tomatoes because it can get too liquid-y. But the choice is yours. :D
Diced Zespri Green Kiwi
Diced onion
Chopped cilantro
At this point, you can squeeze the lime juice into this bowl. Add jalapeno pepper if you want to. Remember to remove the seed. The jalapeno is not spicy at all if you remove the seed so it is really up to you how you want it. If you want to add some Asian flavours to it, just change the jalapeno with our favourite cili padi! ;) Add salt to taste. Adjust the flavour to your tastebud. You can basically add anything into it. Mix well and you are done!

Serve it with tortilla chips or put it in your burger! My Kiwi Salsa is fresh, tangy and full of goodness, try it out! ^_^ If you want to follow my 14 days journey with Zespri, don't forget to follow me on Instagram  @sabbyprue and find the #ZespriMY #FibreBoost. Stay tuned for yummy recipes and so much more! ^_^


For more information Zespri, please visit :

Official Website (MY) : http://zespri.com.my/
Instagram : @zesprisea
Twitter : @ZespriSEA

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  1. The Kiwi Salsa sounds really interesting...I shall try this out babe ! Thanks for sharing.. xoxo



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