Titan Fall / Winter Collection 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! :) It is my pleasure to introduce to all of you Titan Fall/Winter Collection for 2014! As you know, now is finally fall or autumn and it is time for a new timepiece to match the fall and winter trend. Have you heard about Titan watches before? I have heard of them but I never really venture into their watches but surprisingly I was mesmerized with the beauty of their latest collection. Mr. H G Raghunath, the CEO, Watches & Accessories of Titan Company Ltd wants Titan loyal consumers to have a premium selection of watches at this time of the year and of course I believe there is nothing wrong in putting the extra effort to look nice in every occasions, am I right? 

Titan came up with two collection, as in for both women and men. The women collection is called Garden of Eden as Titan wants to pays a tribute to the sensuality of a woman. It is inspired by the nature motives from the Garden of Eden. There are 13 exquisite 13 designs you can choose to suits your personality. 

Right watch : Humming Bird (95005YM01) - RM985
Dragonfly (95011WM03) - RM1,125

I really love this one, perfect for a special night out! :)

Chrysanthemum (2539WM01) - RM525

As for the men collection, Titan HTSE is a collection of futuristic self energizing light powered watches bringing alive the concept of a watch being a completely self sufficient unit to the point of energizing itself. All of the HTSE watches can be charged by any light upward of 200 lux. So does this mean that men don't have to worry about changing the batteries? Well now that's a great feature I must say! Besides the HTSE technology, the watches designs are also inspired by space stations, satellites and spaceships. I must say that the watches are high-tech looking and suitable for young men who are into fashion. Click HERE for the whole collection.

Optimus (1635KP03) - RM1,295

For both of the collection, pricing starts at RM425 to RM1,295. Titan watches is available at 150 participating outlets through out Malaysia. 


For more information Titan, please visit :

Official Website : http://titanworld.com/my/


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