[Beauty Review] : Nutri Shine White Botanical Collagen Drink by Medina Essential

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. I told you this week is going to be full with beauty reviews, didn't I?  :D So, today I want to share with you lovelies a secret of mine, a collagen drink that I have been consuming for this past one month. A new collagen drink by Medina Essential called Nutri Shine White Botanical Collagen Drink. When I was approached to try this collagen drink, I kinda have to think about it because I am very skeptical about collagen drinks and to be honest I am the laziest person when it comes to disciplining myself to drink it everyday. *lazy girl over here*. BUT, as you know that I am getting married end of this year and of course I want to look good on my wedding day so I thought this could be a good way to include this in my routine. If you want to find out more, keep on reading! ^_^

Nutri Shine White is a botanical collagen drink that serves as a 7-in-1 drinks that caters to the overall wellness needs of the body. The ingredients includes all the food that is mentioned in the Al-Quran (sunnah element) that is proven to be good to our health and wellness. As a Muslim, consuming food based on the sunnah is definitely something that we must looked upon too. :) 

Nutri Shine White ingredients include :
Isolated Soy Protein
Marine Collagen
Pomegranate extract
Apricot seeds extract
Apple extract
Raisin extract
Date extract
Nigella Sativa extract
Fig extract
Honey extract
Citrus extract
Apple flavour

*Nutri Shine White is a Muslim product and it is 100% HALAL. ^_^

The collagen drinks promise to deliver so many benefits, here are some of it :

* Brighten and whiten from within
* Anti-ageing
* Reduce the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation
* Anti-oxidant and detoxification
* Helps in weight loss
* Increase metabolism
* Act as antibiotic to prevent the body from bacteria
* Good for digestion

and lots more! Click HERE to find out more about the benefits and the goodness of sunnah food. ^_^

One box of Nutri Shine White consists of 30 sachets. Each sachet is weight at 18 gram. You only have to drink once a day therefore one box is enough for a month supply.

The box comes with a shaker which is so convenient (you don't have to buy other shaker)

All you need to do is tear up one sachet and pour it into the shaker.

Fill in cold/warm water to 200 ml.

Then shake it bebeh! :D

RM180 (SM)
RM190 (SS)
*including postage

18g x 30 sachets



It tastes like apple! Well considering it has apples *duh* But seriously this is one of the best taste of collagen drinks that I've tried so far. You really need to shake it in order for the powder to dissolves in water. I personally love it with cold water because it taste so much better than using warm water. But hey if you like it warm, go ahead. I usually drink it right after waking up. It is the first thing I drink in the morning. But if I happened to forget *lazy* I just drink it before I go to bed. The instruction said that it should be consumed with an empty stomach. I have been consuming it for 30 days and the first thing I noticed is that my blemishes on my forehead has reduced. I can see difference in only one week and I'm so happy about that. In these 2 and 3 weeks, I noticed that people has been commenting on my skin, how good my skin looks and they tell me that my face is glowing! Most of them say my 'seri pengantin' has showed up and to be honest I am happy with that. It means I am doing something good to my skin. Well I don't have major skin issues to begin with. I do face several breakouts in that time of the month and of course due to stress, my skin gets tired and dull looking. I can not really tell whether this collagen helps in whitening my skin but I am pretty sure it makes my skin brighter and smooth. Maybe there's not much of a difference in the photo (below)  but as a consumer, I can totally feel the difference from within. The thing with collagen drink is that, you really need to be discipline. It is the only way to get a good result. You have to keep on consuming the drinks to ensure that your skin is at it best all the time. Who should try this out? Well anyone who wants to look and feel goodNutri Shine White is just not about looking good on the outside. This collagen drinks is also designed to help and prevent us from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and such due to its health benefits . And of course, drink LOTS OF WATER. I can't stress this enough. It really makes a huge difference. Trust me. 

p/s : sorry for the poor lighting. Since I captured this photos on different days, I can't seem to get a similar lighting. But these photos are unedited btw. :) 

Oh ya, I have news for anyone who are interested to try out Nutri Shine White. Check this out!


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Do check them out if you are interested to try it out! :)


For more information Nutri Shine White, please visit :

Official Website : http://medinaessential.com.my/
Instagram : @medinaessential


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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