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Assalamualaikum and hello love! This is an exciting post because we are going to talk a lot about colours today! Yeahhhh the best part of make up is to experience with colours and not sticking to your normal shades. This time around I got to play around with MAKE UP FOR EVER, (MUFE) Artist Shadow. They came up with 210 shades of eyeshadows, now that's a lot! ^_^ The process of research and development of these eye shadows took 3 years to complete because Dany Sanz wants only the best for her loyal supporters.

Like seriously if I can have all of these for my makeup collection, I don't have to buy any eye shadows anymore!

Each of the eye shadow is priced at RM63. The separate casing ; plastic and palette pan (mono, duo, trio, 4, 6, 12, 24)  is available to purchase. Price starts at  RM20 and above .

These beautiful eye shadows consists of 5 finish (effect) ; they are matte, satin,metallic, iridescent and diamond finish. Seriously all of these eye shadows are so buttery, smooth and soft! They are all highly pigmented and easy to blend. I fell in love instantly!

Matte Formula
The matte formula is the only that has NO pearlized particles. The pigment micronization is the reason why the matte shades is pure and even. The Nylon Powder in this variant makes the formulation super soft to make it easier for blending. While Zinc oxide and talc ensure optimal hold that stays fast.

Pearly Formula (Consists of the other 4 finishes which are Satin, Metallic, Irridescent and Diamond)

The pearly formula used 2 technical innovation which are the Water Blend Technology ( and Pigment Atomization. Other key ingredient include Mother of Pearl. It is guarantee that there will be less fall outs in these eye shadows. 

Water- Blend Technology
Powders, pigments and new 3D gel polymers are mixed with water to create a formula that is heavily loaded with pigments (up to 71.5%). Water is then extracted through evaporation, giving a supple and slightly creamy texture with extremely vivid colors that can be endlessly blended.

Pigment Atomization 
Brings purity, evenness and extremely intense color.

Mother of Pearl
Adding intensity and shine to the color, plus metal oxides and black pigments for all the metallic effects (metal finish).

All of the shades are absolutely stunning. They are all highly pigmented and buttery soft. They blend like a dream....... ^_^ Honestly if you love eye shadows, you will go nuts over these babies!

Great look during the day!

There was a makeup demonstration during the workshop and I think Shirley looks so gorgeous with this eye makeup. Beautiful!!

If you want to play around with the eye shadows and create bolder looks for themed parties, maybe these 2 looks can be your inspiration!

I'm with Ms. Erika Saez, thank you for the tips and tricks on applying make up!

The Artist Shadow can be found at MUFE Pro Boutique (Sephora Starhill Gallery) and all Sephora store. Pay them a visit and play around with the colours! ^_^

For more information on MAKE UP FOR EVER, please visit :

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Till then,

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  1. Wooo! Nice shades range.. I think I'm going to falling in love with this babies.. ^_~
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