Philips VisaPure is now in Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. I apologized for being MIA, I have no other reasons than being super busy for my wedding preparation. Just hang in there okay? I'll be back in full swings once everything is settled. :D One of the things that is really important to me to prepare for my big day is definitely to have a good, radiant and healthy skin. I have been using 2 cleansing brushes to give my skin the best possible pampering and care so I will look good on my wedding day. 

Philips VisaPure, a gentle, easy-to-use skin cleansing device that massages the skin to remove dirt and makeup can help us to reach that goal. During the get together with other bloggers, Philips representative and Dr. Christina Chea, a local aesthetic physicians were there to explain the importance of taking care of our skin, answering our skincare inquiries and of course introducing us this beauty device to a cleaner, softer and radiant skin.  VisaPure is a cleansing device that gives a gentle and thorough cleanse for the face for a radiant complexion. It is completely waterproof and the selling point for this product is it's 'Dual Motion' technology. What is 'Dual Motion'? Philips VisaPure rotates and vibrates at the same time to gently removes makeup. dirt and other impurities. The vertical vibrating motion of the brush breaks up surface dirt, while the rotating motion sweep away the dirt and leave the skin deeply cleansed. Philips VisaPure has a Skin Zone Timer which indicates when it is time to switch to another area of your face.  There 2 settings that you can choose which is 'Gentle Cleansing' and a 'Deep Cleansing' mode. 

Brush heads available (from L - R) : Normal, Sensitive & Exfoliate
Philips VisaPure (model SC5275 - 2 speed settings with 1 normal brush head and 1 sensitive brush head) retails at : RM799
Philips VisaPure (model SC5265 - 1 speed settings with 1 normal brush head) retails at : RM699
Normal Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5990) retails at : RM59
Sensitive Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5991) retails at : RM65
Exfoliating Skin Replacement Brush Head (SC5992) retails at : RM69

During the demonstration, Philips beauty consultant conducted 2 tests to see how VisaPure works on the skin. The first test is drawing two black lines using an eyeliner.

The eyeliner completely gone after using the Philips VisaPure while the one with fingers did not rubbed off completely. The second test is using foundation on an orange. As you know oranges has this small pores which somehow resembles to our pores. Lets see how well the Philips VisaPure cleanse off the foundation.

As you can see here, the left side has no more foundation trace while the one we used fingers still has foundation stain. You can really see that the foundation has deeply gone into the pores. Yikes!! T_T So does that mean my face has not been entirely clean all these years? -_-

I am very excited to share my experience using the Philip VisaPure with all of you. I will do an in-depth review about the product so stay tuned for my review in a couple of weeks! ^_^

This is my beauty consultant of the day, thank you so much for teaching me to use Philips VisaPure! :)

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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. And I thought the Clarisonic Aria was pricey... Can you do a comparison between the brushes you own?

    1. hehe yup sure, i will link the other brushes review I've tried in the post :)

  2. congrats kak Sabby on your soon bridal shower and akad nikah ;). consultant tu kulit dia cantik sangat. jealous hehe

    fungsi alat ni macam clarisonic mia tu kan? tak sabar gak baca review kak Sabby

  3. kak Sabby pun cantik juga. seri pengantin gitu hihi

  4. dilema nak pilih nie or clarisonic mia

    1. hihi dua2 mesti ada pros and cons right. Kalau nak tau tunggu my review okay? :)



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