Zespri 14 Day Challenge : Day # 1 : Zespri 14-Day Challenge is back!

Assalamualaikum and hello love! :) As you can see above, I have a bowl of Zespri kiwi fruit and yes you are right, it is time for my Zespri 14 Day Challenge! Gosh can you believe that one year has passed by since the last challenge I did? If you are a new reader of my blog, maybe you want to check out my last year's journey with Zespri by clicking HERE. ^_^  During this challenge, I need to consume kiwifruit for 14 days and feel the difference (or experience) how kiwi affect my body health.

The reason I want to participate this year is because, well I love kiwi so it has to be my top reasons. :D But of course, other factors that made me want to do it because I know kiwi is packed with amazing nutrients that is beneficial to our body. Do you know that kiwi has 4 times of nutrients from grapes and 2 times fibre from pineapple? It is rich with Vitamin C and antioxidant that is beneficial for health condition especially to those who suffers from diabetes. Kiwi also helps in our digestion system through regular consumption as it contains Actinidin which is a unique enzyme that helps improve digestion and relieves bloating. Kiwi also has good intestinal enzymes that helps to strengthen immunity. The fibre in kiwifruit will help us feeling full because the fibre helps to increase viscosity and slow gastri emptying.  Now, that's a whole lot of goodness coming from a small fruit, don't you think so? To make it easier for you to understand the benefits of kiwifruit, check out this video!

If you want to follow my 14 days journey with Zespri, don't forget to follow me on Instagram  @sabbyprue and find the #ZespriMY #FibreBoost. Stay tuned for yummy recipes and so much more! ^_^


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  1. Oh, ada lagi ke? Tak terpilih pulak utk tahun ni

  2. EMMM .... sedap, sedap, sedap.. ❤❤

    kelapangan singgah blog kami yer.. ada murah..murah..murah. pastinya anda suka.




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