DIOR boutique is now in Mid Valley!

Assalamualaikum and hello love. Hey hey hey another good news to my beauty junkies out there. Dior has opened up it's standalone boutique in Mid Valley Megamall! It is located on the Ground Floor (G-007) which is nearby the Centre Court. Just go the the centre court and you can just spot the boutique right away. When I was there for the launch, it was jammed packed! I guess a lot of people is excited about the opening, well who can blame them, I'm excited too! The all new DIOR boutique offers all of their products from skincare, make up and fragrances under one roof. Customers also get to experience personalise beauty and fragrance consultation if you need further assistance in deciding which products to get. Lets take a tour of what happened that day and of course the tour of the boutique as well.

Gorgeous cake!
Fragrance consultation, discover what suits you best! My fave perfume from Dior gotta be Miss Dior, perfection!

Comfortable corner where guests and customers can relax and unwind while getting good service by the beauty consultants.
Makeover station

Foundation galore!! I actually have a review of the DiorSkin Star foundation, click HERE for the review! :)

Lip products, gotta be my favs! ^_^

Don't forget to drop by Dior in Mid Valley for a wonderful DIOR experience! I highly suggest to go to a standalone boutique because I reckon the beauty consultants will know more and have better understanding on each DIOR products. Have fun! :)

Thanks for reading darlings! :)

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  1. lip products tu susunan so interesting , mcm kek pun ada . hehe

  2. Lip products are my fav too !! :D



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