Sephora Mid Valley is now open!

Assalamualikum and hello love! Yeeehaaaaa Sephora has open it's 14th store in Mid Valley Megamall, like FINALLY! The store is located at Ground Floor (South Court) which is near the Metrojaya. To make it easier for you, it is the same floor as MAC, Bobbi Brown and The Body Shop. My beauty junkies will surely know where it is, am I right darlings? ;) Anyway I was invited to the opening and I had tonnes of fun looking around and yes you guess it right, I made a little sneaky purchase. :D We got RM100 voucher and I spent it on the most expensive oil I have ever purchase which is the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil (RM221) for firming and toning my body. *ahahah* you better work my dear! :D And then I got the Tarte Claypot eyeliner in black (RM72 or is it RM62), Make Up Forever Empty Duo Palette (RM22) and Sephora lip liner in Lilac (I'm not sure how much it is, I'll check back later ya). Yeahhh that's all! :D 

Thank you Suzai for this photo! :D

I actually captured a lot of photos in the store, but I accidentally deleted all the photos, I was so stupid and so careless. T_T I am truly sorry for not be able to show you girls the pictures. T_T But the store is quite huge and they have almost the same exact brand in the store as compare to other outlets. So fret not, you will find what you desire in the Sephora Mid Valley store! Btw I saw Laneige is also available here, I'm not sure if Laneige is also available at other outlets because I can't recall seeing the brand elsewhere (Sephora outlets). Come on over and pay 'em a visit ya?

Thank you Pika for this photo! :D

Okay now jom shopping! ^_^ Thanks for reading darlings! :)

Till then,



  1. mesti bengang kan sebab terdelte, xda trash box la kan hehehe

    1. terdelete dlm camera bukan dalam laptop. kalau dalam laptop for sure bole masukkan balk, kan?

  2. terus dtg melawat hahhaha xde hal lah!



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