Malabar Gold & Diamonds opens in KL!

Assalamualaikum and hello love. Have you ever heard of the saying "Diamonds are girls best friend?" What say you? Do you agree with that terms? I personally not into jewelries that much, but oh boy, the joy of getting any piece of jewellery beats the feeling of anything else. Feeling loved, cared for and happy. That's exactly how I feel. The last time I received a piece of jewellery is from my husband, my wedding ring that is. It's definitely the most treasured ring I have. :) On 9th May, I was invited to the opening of Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Jalan Masjid India which is the 1st outlet in Malaysia and the 133rd outlet in the world! Malabar Gold & Diamonds is established in India in 1993 and have been spreading their wings in 8 countries. I was impressed that they already have more than 100 outlets, amazing! 

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is the place where you can get 'modern' and 'traditional' jewelries as their design is up to date and always in trend. And of course keeping it traditional at the same time. This showroom displays their exclusive branded collection, Ethnix (Handcrafted Designer Jewellery), Era (Uncut Diamond Jewellery), Mine (Diamonds Unlimited), Divine (Indian Heritage Jewellery), Precia (Precious Gem Jewellery) and Startlet (Kids Jewellery). During the launch, Malabar Gold & Diamonds introduced their new collection which is 'Hi', a Casual Jewellery which is a light weight collection in gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. Target market for this range is for the girls/women at the aged 17 to 30 years of age. These collection emphasises on the youth and trendy design that express casual and fun! 

Due to the opening Malabar Gold & Diamonds is running their festive campaign, 'The Great Gold Rush' where :
  • Customers get raffle coupons for every jewellery purchase of RM500 (Prize : 1/2kg of gold each - 2 winners)
  • Customers get 2 raffle coupons for every purchase of diamond jewellery worth RM500 (Prize : 1/2kg of gold each - 2 winners)
  • Free 1gm gold coin with every purchase of diamond jewellery worth RM2500
These offers will end on 30 June 2015, so hurry if you don't want to miss it! ^_^

Do you know who made a special appearance to the launch of the outlet? Yeahhhh none other than the beautiful Kareena Kapoor! Clad in a beautiful 2 piece dress, she looked amazingly stunning. She is indeed a gorgeous babe! Totally sweet to her fans, poise and classy! :)

So many fans gathered to meet their idol!

The outlet is located beside CIMB and if you know where Jakel used to be, the outlet is at the same row! Go and check it out if you are looking for some bling bling! :D

Check out this video of Kareena Kapoor during the launch!

The usual suspect, Suzai and Nanie.

For more information on Malabar Gold & Diamonds, please visit :

Thanks for reading darlings! :)

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  1. Cantik nye kareena kapoor ^_^

  2. Oooh, so many ornaments and jewelleries! *0* But definitely is Indian-style. Would look lovely with a saree or shalwar kameez. Kareena Kapoor looks gorgeous! so jealous... in a good way.. haha..

    Do visit my blog if you have time... thanks! :) I believe we've met at an Avon event before but I wasn't there as a blogger.. haha

  3. oh my god ! that gold really catch my heart . kalau la ada collection macam tu . *pengsan*
    btw kareena! I am your fan, just finish watching your movies

  4. WOW! really awesome! These gold really catch my heart. Also Kareena Kapoor is looking awesome!

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