SEXY SUNDAY SERIES # 13 | DIOR Diorific # 001 Diorama

Assalamualaikum and hello love. Oh my gosh, how long has it been since my last Sexy Sunday Series? Lol can't even recall when was the last post. T_T anyway I'm coming at you with another review of my current fav lipstick.  I posted a photo on Instagram, teasing about a new vampy lip shade that I am currently obsessed with. Introducing, Diorific in Diorama by Dior! :)

First of all, the reason why I picked up this lipstick is because I wanted a vampy lip shade. I have been in the hunt for quite some time and I actually almost bought Diva by MAC. But I don't know, my head just telling me nooo, it's not the one. *hahaha* so dramatic! Anyway, I was at the lipstick section at the new Dior Boutique in Mid Valley and I was looking at the selection of dark berries shade they have. I love Dior Fluid Lipstick  but I actually got one (gonna talk about it some other time) so I thought I want to try different formulation. So I caught my eyes on the Diorific collection, especially the shade Diorama.

Well let's talk about the packaging first. It is in a heavy gold tube which is so luxurious. Engraved with Dior, well that's makes it worth it. But the design of the tube, hmm it's weird amd awkward in a way. Not sure how to describe it. *hahaha* I actually only realize the design  when I got home because the tester is not in the same packaging. 

The shade that I got from the Diorific Long Wearing True Colour Lipstick is Diorama, a deep berry with brown undertone. These collection has a matte finish and promised to be long-lasting. 

My thoughts? It's creamy and glides on smoothly on my lips. It's highly pigmented and sits on nicely on the lips. It transfers of course, but to be honest it is one of the long-wearing lipstick I have ever own. I also applied lip liner in dark purple/purple if I want it to be more long-wearing and to have more define lips. The scent is a grandma scent kinda lipstick but somehow it's comforting. *hahaha* I would never thought I said that! :D Even though it's a matte finish, it is still quite moisturising. Just a tip, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before using this lipstick as it it can settle into the lips if you have crack lips. 

The lipstick is retail at RM110.38 plus 6%  GST (RM6.60), total is RM116.98. It is on the pricey side, but hey, it's Dior baby! :D go swatch and play around  with the collection if you love matte lipstick like me. I really think this is the perfect vampy shade for my skin tone, J'adore! :) The shade Diorama is not listed in the website, I'm not sure whether it's limited edition or not. Other shades you could find in the Diorific Collection are :

Thank you so much for reading darlings, love you lots! ^_^

Till then,



  1. The packaging looks really luxurious! I know what you mean though, the shape is rather... unique, haha! :)

  2. this is my first time seeing this lipstick packaging , it looks luxurious and cute *hehe,.
    anyway , love the color ! i am aiming for the mac lipstick in diva shade actually but still undecided.

    1. yup i guess the gold packaging makes it luxurious. Diva is pretty too!

  3. It looks so nice as a prop though! :D oh noooo so expensive.. *looks at the value of rm100+ in the form of quantity*
    but then again, packaging looks darn nice!

    1. Hahaha well Dior is definitely expensive. I guess if buying them once in a while is fine. :)



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