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innisfree has been one of my favourite Korean brand since the first time I used the Green Tea Seed Serum. Not just the products, the store itself in Sunway Pyramid is inviting and I love the environment whenever I go in there. It was always a pleasant experience. Another thing that made me love innisfree even more is the fact they are very concern about the environment. One effort that Innisfree has been doing since 2010 is their "Eco-Handkerchief Campaign" that is focused on to create awareness and encourage their global customers to use handkerchief instead of tissues. With this little effort, we can actually save the earth by preserving thousands of trees that obviously is used for tissues-making. 3 million of eco-handkerchieves were distributed in 2014 and innisfree hopes more handkerchief to be disseminated through out the campaign.

There are 4 available designs that will deliver a message of "Use a hankie, save the earth", which each of the designs represent the 4 season  and is represented by a seasonal plant :

SPRING - Bright Yellow Canola
SUMMER - Refreshing Green Tea Flowers 
FALL/AUTUMN - Vivid hue of Maples
WINTER - Camellia 

In conjunction of the World Environment Day in June, any purchase made in June 1st until June 30th in innisfree worth of RM50 and above will entitled shoppers to receive a limited edition eco-handkerchief (first come first serve basis). You might think that why do I need a handkerchief? Tissue is so much better as it disposable easier to use. Well you won't know until you've tried using a handkerchief. Handkerchief is a great way to use to save the environment because you can go back home and wash it and reuse again. You can use the handkerchief when you go to the public toilet to wipe off your hand, or even after eating. These handkerchieves are so pretty that you can actually use it to accessories your handbags! Not a bad idea eyh? ;)

I love all the designs, they are so chic and pretty!

Ohhhh and another great addition to the campaign, innisfree came out with the limited edition Green Tea products as this is the best seller products that moisturize skin from deep within! Jumbo size Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum (160ml) and Green Tea Seed Cream (100ml) with 3 designs inspired by the season of Spring, Summer and Winter is available for grabs! Another 2 Limited Edition products include Limited Edition Water Glow Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ (15g) and Limited Edition Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ (15g).

So don't forget to drop by innisfree in Sunway Pyramid from 1st June till 30th June for the opportunity to collect these beautiful eco-handkerchief and also to purchase the limited edition Green Tea products and the Cushions! :)

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