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Assalamualaikum and hello love! Are you guys ready for the coming Ramadan? It's only 3 days away and I can't wait! Alhamdulillah as we are able to experience Ramadan once again, totally blessed. Well, speaking of Ramadan, definitely we are going to talk about Syawal preparation, am I right? I think it's the trend nowadays to shop for Raya/Eid celebration at least one or 2 months before. I have been going to quite a number of fashion show, show casing Raya collection and this time around I got the chance to see myself the Raya 2015 Collection by Bianco Mimosa.

Opening act during the launch

The founder and designer of Bianco Mimosa, YBhg Dato' Ida Suraya Mustapha wants to bring in the international elements into the eastern's concept without ignoring the latest fashion trends. She wants all of Bianco Mimosa s wearers to feel comfortable, confident, bold, charismatic and sexy at the same whenever they are in Bianco Mimosa s fashion pieces. The quality of fabrics, workmanship and details is very much important because that's what differentiate a good and bad product.  There are 3 elements of Bianco Mimosa s designs that they emphasized on such as the placement of the zip in the clothing designs.  Bianco Mimosa collection represents elegance, trendy and comfort with style.

Hosted by the amazingly talented Dee

For Raya 2015 Collection, Bianco Mimosa s theme is Safari, Flora and Fauna so you can expect there's a lot of animal prints, florals and colourful shades in the collection. There are 118 designs in total. Some designs are bold and sexy while others are simple yet stylish.  Lets take a look at some of the designs of Bianco Mimosa "Safari Fauna Mimosa Raya 2015 Collection".

This modern kurung is one of my favourite designs in the collection. Pretty!
Performance by Nurul
Animal prints kurung and jubah. I really like the left design, flowy and elegant!
This baju kurung is simple, yet classic. The details and texture of the kurung what makes it special.

You ladies can check out the links below if you are interested to purchase any of the collection via online. The website was launched by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil  during the fashion show and now fashion lovers can shop via online without having the hassle to go out! And also make sure to check out their Instagram as well. Congrats YBhg Dato' Ida Suraya Mustapha for the new collection! :)

Bianco Mimosa Official Website :
Bianco Mimosa Instagram :

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