BEAUTY | Review : Lipidol, the new age oil-based products

Assalamulaikum and hello love. Today I want to introduce LIPIDOL, products that is made by the Union Swiss that is manufactured in South Africa. Have you heard of Bio-Oil? LIPIDOL is under the same company that brought you Bio-Oil so you might get the idea that the products are oil-based. Wait? Do you have the skeptical thinking that why do we need oil for our face and body? Don't we have enough of greasiness to handle? I'm not gonna lie that I used to dislike oil-based products because I found them to be greasy and it took so long to be absorbed into my skin. But LIPIDOL could be the answer to a non-sticky, non-greasy feeling because most of the products that I tried from the line is not greasy and I find application is easy as the oil penetrates deeply into skin and left my skin feeling soft and moisturize. LIPIDOL products are coloured and fragranced with plant extracts and essential oils. LIPIDOL is suitable for sensitive skin and it is non-comogenic so it won't clogged the pores,  These products has not been tested on animals and are certified Halal! There are 6 products included in the range, lets take a look at each one of them.

Size/Weight : 125ml
Price : RM24.90

Cleansing Face Oil ingredients include Rosemary and Niaouli essential oil fragrance. The scent is mild herbaly-scented , I think I can sensed the Rosemary scent. Apply this face oil on your dry face. Massage it into your skin and then get some water and massage it into my face. This is to emulsify the oil and helps to break down the makeup and dirt you have on your face. As I massaged it into my skin, I do feel the greasy feeling (as what oil should feel like) but as I mixed the oil with water, it turns into a cleanser and remove my makeup completely! Like no joke! My face is free of makeup and I seriously don't think I need to use cleanser afterwards! But, of course we need to double cleanse  but I guess this Face Oil would be a great product to use when I'm having my lazy days. *hahaha*. After cleansing my face with water, I don't feel any greasiness and there's is no tight feeling. As a matter of fact, my skin feel soft and hydrated. I highly recommend this face oil if you are looking for a makeup remover. Just a tip, do not get the oil into your eyes because it will make your eyes blurry. It doesn't sting or make your eyes water but it certainly makes my water blurry.

Size/Weight : 50ml
Price : RM24.90

Want to try out an overnight face oil? Try this one as the oil absorbed nicely into your skin and does not leave your skin a greasy face and stain on your pillow. It is enriched with Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper oil fragrance that can help you sleep better. The scent is therapeutic and makes you feel like you are in a spa. It is promised to hydrate the skin through out the night as it restores the moisture into the skin due to the harmful daily exposure that we face every single day. Apply all over the face and massage before going to bed. Remember to use only a small amount, a little goes a long way.

Size/Weight : 200ml
Price : RM24.90

The scent of this body oil is refreshing, a great pick me up in the morning. I can easily detect the citrusy scent due to the Lime essential oil. Use this oil in the shower. Apply it on wet skin and massage it all over your body. The combination of the oil and water will emulsify and it will lather up to create a mild foam. Just imagine that you are in a massage parlour and enjoy the citrusy scent sipping into your skin. Ahhhhh blissful moment! Rinse it off with water and trust me you will have the softest skin ever! LIPIDOL Cleansing Body Oil cleansed and moisturize at the same time, so I guess killing two birds with one stone is pretty neat, right?

Size/Weight : 175ml
Price : RM24.90

LIPIDOL After Shower Oil consists of Chamomile essential oil fragrance. It is my least favourite scent of all because I think it kinda scent like a medicine. This a body oil where you don't have to rinse off after applying. You can just leave it on and let it soak into your skin for hydration. This is sort of like the alternative choice of using a body lotion after showering. I am lazy to apply lotion or oil after my shower so this product is not necessary a must for me. But if you want try out an oil-based moisturizer for your body, this give one ago as it does not leave any greasy feel on the body.

Size/Weight : 125ml
Price : RM24.90

LIPIDOL Suntan Oil / Sunscreen Oil smells like vacation! Ohhh the scent is so lovely due to the Cypress and Basil essential oil fragrance. Designed to protect your skin like any other available sunblock in the market with it's SPF 20! Apply it before going into the sun and before going swimming. I haven't tried this out yet as I have not been to any vacation these couple of months. *ahhh so sad*. This could be a nice change of sunscreen protection instead of using the same old sunblock, right? :D

Size/Weight : 100ml
Price : RM24.90

Well I have not tried this one yet as it is targeted to men and I don't have beard *obviously* :P The scent is very strong and musky  as it contains Petitgrain essential oil fragrance. I'm going to give this to my husband and ask him whether e would use an oil-based after shave. Sorry I can't tell you much about it!

Of all the products I tried, I really like the Cleansing Face Oil and the Cleansing Body Oil. If you are afraid of the greasy feeling of the oil, fret not because I think LIPIDOL products won't give you that sticky feeling. Just remember to use a small amount on each area okay? Don't go crazy and pour too much because that will make you look like grease ball! :D All of the products are retailed at RM24.90 each and can be found at Guardian Pharmacy. Here is the link where you can find 'em!

Thanks for reading love! :)

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