FASHION | "Dreaming In The Cloud" by Jelly Bunny Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! I am so excited to share about today's post because it is one of my favourite things in life, shoes! ^_^ When Jelly Bunny invited me for a preview of their Spring/Summer  2015 Collection, of course I said yes because I do love the brand and I am a fan of jelly shoes! The event was held at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid. They provide us with a lovely spread of food and of course cutesy and adorable decoration. We are talking about Jelly Bunny after all, aren't we? ;)

"Dreaming in The Cloud" is Jelly Bunny's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, inspired by 'Sweet Glam'  where this collection includes charming and playful designs which is what Jelly Bunny is all about. The colour palette for this collection are warm violet, French blue, light purple and rainbow. The specialty of the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection consists of lovely ornaments such as toffies, candies and liquorice. Desserts-themed? Hello! I like that very much please. Jelly Bunny is all about comfort and they are suitable for everyday use. :) Besides shoes, their bags collection are designed to have multi purpose function. For instance, a mini crossed-body bag can be worn as a clutch for a night look. During the preview, we were given a short presentation of Jelly Bunny shoes and bags by a stylist, Haida Yusof. She showed us how transform from day look to a night look by changing a few items. Let's check it out!

I love this boots!

The shoes is gorgeous!

After the presentation, we headed to Jelly Bunny store for a treasure hunt and guess what? My team won! *hahaha* Gonna get myself 2 or 3 pairs of shoes for my Raya, I'm so happy! :D Anyway, the store is cute and adorable and I love how they arrange their shoes and bags. It is inviting and I can't wait to go shoppingggggg! :D *okay obviously I'm too excited over this*

This is so classic and so chic. I think I'm gonna get this one. :)
I want all of these....may I please??? :D

With 2 of my team mates Marini & Yana Yassin. We rocked it girls. LOL. And the lovely Hui Jun and Annie. Thanks so much for the lovely event  and the wonderful treats! :)

Honestly if you love shoes, you need to go to the nearest Jelly Bunny and get yourself some new shoes!! I want to go on Friday (if time permits), anybody wants to join me? :D

Here are the list of Jelly Bunny Stores in Malaysia for your easy reference :

For more photos and info on the full collection of Jelly Bunny Spring/Summer 2015 Collection 2015, click this link :

Jelly Bunny official website :
Jelly Bunny Facebook Page :
Jelly Bunny Instagram : @jellybunnymalaysia

Thanks for reading love! :)

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  1. I love Jelly Bunnies because not only their shoes are comfortable but hella cute! I don't know why but the smell of the shoes smell like candy and so is their store! I love the smell! Great post xo

    1. yes the smell is definitely a plus point! :) thanks for reading! xoxo

  2. By a stroke of luck, I walked into their store in Malacca and walked out with 2 pairs! Love their Flex range as they are super comfy! And the rest of them are just too pretty, I couldn't bear to step on them. Haha!


    1. Yeah true they are comfortable, I always in dilemma whenever I'm in the store because I couldn't decide what I want. haha

  3. Suka masuk kedai jelly bunny! Macam nak beli je satu for raya :)

  4. Jelly Bunny shoes are very comfortable! Worth to buy :D

  5. Jelly bunny shoes are so cute ! tapi kena saving sikit nk beli . btw love your blog transformation! ;D

    1. yup but they are comfy so its totally worth it! :) thank u dear :)

  6. Semua nampak mcm lazat sangat koleksi dia..hehe.. Suka Jelly Bunny tp aritu xdpt join..huhu



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