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Assalamualaikum and hello love! I'm back with another makeup product that I really like which is the foundation. Why I like it so much? Because foundation can cover up the imperfections that I have on my skin and makes my skin flawless. There are many types of liquid foundation that you can buy in the market. Some people love full coverage makeup, while some prefer light makeup as they want to look as natural as possible. I discovered a new foundation by Shu Uemura skin:FIT cosmetic water foundation  that is suitable for Asian skin especially under this hot and humid weather. Do you know how it feels to have a greasy and oily skin by end of the day because your foundation can not control the oil production of your skin? I do! But I actually have dry and combination skin, therefore I am not sure whether it will work on me? Most of the reviews I read, they concluded that this foundation suitable for oily skin. Lets find out whether this foundation works on me, shall we? Before that, lets take a look at some of the photos during the launch several weeks back!

So what is so special about this foundation? Shu Uemura skin:FIT cosmetic water foundation promises 3 things ; it is lightweight, breathable coverage and lasting fresh complexion. It is an innovative oil-free bi-phase formula powder cosmetic in foundation. This foundation contains cosmetic water which derived from mint and pomegranate extract. You should know by now that pomegranate is fantastic as anti-ageing properties so you bet this foundation would be much loved by those anti-ageing products seekers! Another 'ummmph' factor added into this foundation is the the triple powder complex :

Airlicium - absorbs sebum and oil
Perlite - aids in sweat absorption
Soft focus powder - soft focus effect which will help to blur out large pores

Comparison between silica and airlicium

The best way to apply the foundation is by using Shu Uemura skin:FIT pentagon brushing sponge. It's a dual sided sponge that has different usage. The pink side is for brush side (pick up and apply foundation) and the white side is the sponge side (tap to absorb water with the sponge and set the foundation). The foundation bottle needs to be shaken on each application and use 5 drops on each area. Check out the video below for sneak peek of the launch, the difference between silica and airlicium and also how to apply the foundation!


Click for the video!

Now let's get on to my thoughts on the foundation!

The foundation comes in glass bottle which I like. It doesn't have any nozzle but it has the small hole so you can pour out the foundation by drops easily. The only thing I don't like about that it can get a bit messy around the hole opening.

I got the shade in 754 Medium Beige. One look at the foundation I kinda feel that it is too dark for my complexion but as I blended it in with the sponge, it matches my skin nicely. The texture is watery and it absorbs very fast so you have to blend in the foundation pretty quickly. The finish is soft-matte finish therefore it is perfect for everyday use under the hot and humid weather we have here in Malaysia. Even though I have dry/combination skin, this foundation still works great on my skin as it mattifies my T-zone. However it does hang on to my dry patches under my lips but not too obviously. For me this is a light to a medium coverage foundation as it covers my small blemishes and scars but if you have acne problems, I think you need the help of concealer. This foundation would be great for everyday use because it so lightweight! I don't feel like I have anything on my skin  through out the day. I love the fact that my skin looks so natural and it seems like I have nothing on. *LOL perasan*

This is a non-filtered photo with Shu Uemura skin:FIT cosmetic water foundation.
Do you like how it looks like on my skin?

This is a non-filtered photo after 4 hours and 30 minutes of using the foundation. Lighting is different due to the time factor.
I was running errands, driving from Ampang to Klang, and back to Ampang with this foundation. I think it held on pretty well. It might have oxidized a little bit but I still look good. :D As a conclusion this foundation is worth buying if you love lightweight feel and natural-looking finish. I personally would use this as an everyday foundation but the only thing that I need to work on is using the foundation with sponge. I think it takes too much time! *hahaha* I might try to use it with my favourite foundation brush. :P

Shu Uemura skin:FIT cosmetic water foundation is retail at MYR148 (30ml, 12 shades available) and it comes with one Shu Uemura skin:FIT pentagon brushing sponge . You can also buy the sponge separately if you wish to change or have backups. The sponge retails at at MYR37 for 4pcs of sponges.

Shu Uemura Malaysia :

Ok ladies, I'm off right now! Thank you so much for reading! :)

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  1. Memang lightweight and natural tu kak. since with and without tak banyak beza sangat. sometimes its good kan... make up light - light je

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