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Assalamualaikum and hello love. We gonna talk about some food lovin' today! :D Desserts is one of my favourite meal ever because well, being a sweet tooth kinda-gal, I could never resist a good ice cream snacking time. I know Nestle has has a variety of tub ice cream in the market that's yummy but what excites me is that they came out with a new stick ice cream that can satisfy your chocolate and nuts obsession! The new Nestle La Cremeria Stick are made with 100% imported milk chocolate and golden roasted California almonds with a smooth and creamy ice cream centre. You can be sure that the creamy ice cream is well coated with thick chocolate coating and crunchy nuts! Ahhh, combination of a creamy ice cream with chocolate coating and nuts are perfect for me, a great ice cream I must say!

Nestle La Cremeria  came up with the tagline 'The World Can Wait"  which they want to emphasize on the importance of enjoying life at each given moment. I believe that's true as we need to be more relax, don't be too serious and just go with the flow. 'The World Can Wait"campaign features a musical clip hosted on YouTube showcasing singer song writer, Elizabeth Tan's La Cremeria moment. Those who watches the video can also experience special La Cremeria moments digitally and share them with anyone via Nestle La Cremeria's Facebook Page. The campaign will also be supported witn on-ground roadshows at selected GSC (Golden Screen Cinemas), BHP and Petronas Nationwide from June onwards.

Check out the full version of the origial song by Elizabeth Tan!

I was invited to the launch which was held at GSC Pavilion and they also treated us the movie screening of 'Jurassic World'. Sadly I did not manage to attend the launch because I was stuck in another event and had a terrible traffic situation getting to Pavilion. But, I managed to reached there at 6pm sharp, just in time for the movie screening and good ice cream! :D and by the way, the movie is soooo god, you guys better watch it if you haven't! ;)

LOL I'm behind the ice cream man, can you spot my tudung?? *hahaha* :P

Now let's check out the flavours of the new Nestle La Cremeria Stick ice cream!

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La Cremeria Heavenly Chocolate
"Rich chocolate ice cream with crunchy chopped almonds coated with creamy milk chocolate and crunchy cone crumbs, tastes so heavenly, it's bound to leave you wanting more."

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La Cremeria Absolutely Almond
"Creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy chopped almonds coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds, perfect for those who are absolutely head over heels with almonds."

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La Cremeria Delightfully Pecan
"Delicious pecan-flavoured ice cream coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds - a truly delectable delight."

Nestle La Cremeria sticks is priced at RM3.50 each at all major convenience stores and petromarts nationwide! Try it out because the price is quite affordable for this luxurious ice cream, you won't regret trying them out! :D

For more information, you guys can check out :

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  1. wah,...tengok pun dah menyelerakan..nnti nak cari lah..

  2. they are very sexy flavours, lagi2 puasa ni haha T.T

    Hana Blurbs

  3. Baca entry Kak Sabby pukul 1pagi. Teringin nak makan ice-cream tapi mana nak cari orang tolong beli malam-malam ni huhuh TT



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