JUST FOR FUN | Spicy Noodle Challenge

Assalamualaikum and hello.  :)

I have a fun video for you to watch, it's 'Spicy Noodle Challenge' that has been around YouTube for so long! My husband bought it in Jaya Grocer in Cyberjaya and it is RM23 for a pack of 5. It is quite expensive for instant noodles, but what the heck, I want to try it badly! *hahaha* I eat spicy food, well being a Malay spicy food is a must. But I guess my tolerance towards spicy food has gone done tremendously since I was pregnant last year. I suffered heart burn every time I eat food that is too spicy and that heart burn continues until now. *sad times* :(  This noodle tastes so gooood but man, it is spicy! Btw, the noodle is certified HALAL (look at the above photo). So my muslim friends, you can eat this. :)

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this video as I had fun filming it with my husband, Iwan. *hahaha* I'm the only one talking in the video coz he's so shy! :D I will get him back on my channel for shoooo! :D

Thanks for watching, see you next time! :)

Till then,



  1. Hari tu ada try, kawan office bawa datang masa lunch, makan 1 sudu pon pedas. Hahaha Nanti nak try la 1 bungkus. hehehe

  2. gigih nau nak abiskan...hehe...rasanya kalo i pun, memang kalah ngan husband sbb dia memang kaki makan pedas...haha

    1. tula! i mmg dah tau dari awal mesti dia menang. hahah

  3. huntonglahhhh dpt mkn meggi pedasss glerr!! hahahha bg i la yg lebih tu yang oi

  4. korang kenape, kemaruk makan mee pedas ekk hahahhaa



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