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I admit, being a new mother has made me a different person. Motherhood made me do things that I don't normally enjoy and made me more concern on how to spend my money. Motherhood sucked me into 'online shopping' and to be honest, I have no regrets! You know why? Online shopping has made my life so much easier because I don't have to go out to get stuff for my home and for my baby! Rakuten Online Shopping is one of the online website that I enjoy surveying simply because of the tagline, "Shopping is Entertainment!"

Rakuten Online Shopping was launched in Malaysia in November 2012 and now it carries over 210,000 products from over 900 merchants. Products sold in the websites caters to all age and gender, from fashion apparel, accessories, beauty, health, electronics, toys and games, furniture and more! It is  a one stop centre for me because I can buy all sorts of things for my husband, my baby and for myself. :D "Shopping is Entertainment!", which is Rakuten's global tagline was created because they want consumers to gain benefits and have fun shopping at the same time! Now tell me, who doesn't like to shop in  a store that gives better pricing, great deals and the most importantly, a fun and easy shopping experience? Well I do and I'm going to let you guys now how to get better deals when you shop in Rakuten!

Firstly, you need to be a member in order to enjoy all the perks! No worries, memberships are totally free, so what are you waiting for? ;)

When you have already signed up as a member, you can now start shopping and enjoy the perks! ^_^

Rakuten is a safe place for shopping, so don't be worried about scammers and fraud because all of the sellers are verified by Rakuten. ;)

If you are a member of Rakuten, you will get better deals in shopping. When you shop in Rakuten, you will be given points upon your purchase. The program is called Rakuten Super Points where you can get 1 RSP (Rakuten Super Points) equivalent to RM1 of value. There are two types of RSP which are Regular Points and and Limited Points.

Regular Points : 
♥ Apply to all purchases
♥ The points do not have expiry date unless you have not been shopping for Rakuten Malaysia for a year.

Limited Points :
♥ Apply to special Super Points Promotion
♥ Expiry date is applicable when the reward is issued

Wait, there's an even better deal that you can get in Rakuten. It is their reward program  5x Rakuten Super Points !

How does this system works? Simply shop and earn 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points of your purchases! It is valid everyday from 1st January 2016 until 31st January 2016 with no limit on the amount of rebate.  Let me take you through an example. I am looking for jewellery storage and I came across this 2011 Mirror Jewellery Cabinet.

The points that you get can be accumulated and you can use it as one of the payment method for your next purchase in Rakuten. Furthermore, Mastercard holders can enjoy additional 5% discount every purchases that is made on Wednesday! And also, Rakuten gives out Coupon during the weekend, so make sure to check out the website every weekend to get more awesome value for your money!

For example,  this jewellery cabinet original price is RM799. With the 58% off, the jewellery cabinet is now RM338.14 (inclusive GST). Through this discount, I can save RM460.86. If I purchase this cabinet on a Wednesday and use a Mastercard, I can get additional 5% discount on top of the already discounted price! So the total I need to pay is RM321.23 and my total savings is RM477.77! :D

I need to highlight something, I really like how Rakuten provides all the information about the products they are selling. Detailed information and good photos too. Well done! 

I hate it when I go to a website and there is no product information or very little information. How can customers be convinced to buy the products if there is no proper information, right? *ranting*

Another way you can find better deals is to search for Special Highlighted Events. In this section, you can find great on-going deals and ave up even more on your desired products.

Like this one, the Thank You Sale where everything is RM39 and below! So worth it! :D

That Faber Castell pens is only RM9!! Oh gosh I think I really need to get that for my new planner! :D 

Next hack is to be alert with Flash Sale like this one that I found!

You gotta be alert to get the flash sale because usually flash sale/coupons will only last for a day or even for a couple of hours only! :D

Lastly another hack that I found for you guys is to search for the Grand Opening Sale tab. This is where great deals is available for all new merchants in Rakuten. 

For example, this deal from Scholl :

Just enter the code and you will get 10% off on their products, win!! :)

I hope you guys can use my #RakutenShoppingHacks and get value out of your money while shopping in Rakuten. These are the hacks that I found,  but if you stumbled upon any other good deals, pleaseeeee let me know in the comment box because I sure love good deals! :D

For more information on Rakuten Online Shopping, check out their website and start shopping!! :D

Website : Rakuten Malaysia

Thanks for reading! :)

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