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A few weeks back I went to Titan's new collection launch called Moonlight. It is indeed a beautiful range of women watches that will surely ignites sophistication, elegance and beauty. The designs of this collection is inspired by the luminescent moonlight. Expect the watches to be embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. Each of these watches reflects of the beauty of Taj Mahal, the fragrant night flowers, the ethereal moonstones, the mystic lake and the starry night sky. Now let's take a look at the full collection, shall we?

The full range of Moonlight Collection

No need to accessorize if you have this on your wrist!

 Now lets take a closer look on these beautiful and elegant watches!

Night Flowers
"Inspired by the delicate white flowers that bloom only a full moon’s night, the Night Flower timepieces are studded with Swarovski pearls. With beautiful enamel work on the bracelet, the timepieces exude elegance and grace. The Night Flower watch is available in gold and rose gold with a mother of pearl dial. "

The Taj
"A stunning illustration of the iconic monument, these timepieces draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring silhouette of the Taj Mahal on a full moon night. The elaborate bracelet is generously studded with Swarovski crystal and the mother of pearl dial flaunts intricate detailing. Crafted in gold and rose gold, the Taj Mahal timepieces are available in two variants."

Starry Night
"Weaving the beauty of a star studded full moon’s night on the bracelet, the timepieces capture the glowing moon and twinkling stars. Beautifully cut Swarovski crystals and pearls lend their charm to this exquisite timepiece. With a mother of pearl dial, the Starry Night timepieces are available in gold and rose gold with clear, pink, purple, topaz and amber crystals. "

"The iridescent full moon shares its beauty with the Moonstone timepieces. Swarovski crystals accentuate the moonstones on the bracelet. Illuminated like molten drops of the glistening moonlight, the elegant timepieces come in gold and rose gold cases with white, caramel, olive jade and topaz moonstones." 

Mystic Luna
"A testament to the divine beauty and elegance of the moon goddess Luna, the timepieces capture the aura of the moon surrounded by floating clouds. Swarovski crystals accentuate the elaborate bezel that represents the mystic Luna. With a mother of pearl dial in gold and rose gold there are seven models of the Mystic Luna." 

Midnight Candy
The Night Phlox, otherwise called Midnight Candy, marks its outline on the filigree-styled bracelet of the intricately designed watch. With Swarovski crystals studding the motifs on the bracelet, the watch has a mother of pearl dial. The Midnight Candy watch is available in gold, rose gold and silver. 

Crescent Moon
"Symbolic of beauty even when in its nascent stages, the crescent moon adds its brilliant curves and shadows to simple yet stylish timepieces. With enamel work on the link bracelet, the Crescent Moon timepieces take difference forms of the slim silhouettes of the budding moon. With a mother of pearl dial the designs are available in three models in gold, silver and rose gold variants." 

Moon Lake
"The still water in the serene lake shimmers under the radiant moonlight, reflecting its beauty on the bracelet of the watch. Enamel work adds minimal yet bold elegance to the link bracelet. The Moon Lake watch is available in gold, rose gold and silver." 

Don't you think that these watches are gorgeous? I love the Moon Lake in rose gold and also Midnight Candy in rose gold too! Can I have them pleaseeeee? :D The price range for these watches are from RM375 up to RM1985 and available in leading store watches across Malaysia. DO check it out if you are interested in any of the designs, they would be a great addition in your watch collection! ;)

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