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Are you the type of person who are concerned about your health? Especially when it comes to diseases, it is pretty scary to hear how a young person can suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure or even diabetic. Not to mention about high cholesterol level! It is a fact that high cholesterol level does not depends on your size, it is all about your food intake. I am small person, a petite woman. The last time I checked with a pharmacist regarding my cholesterol level, I kid you not  that cholesterol level is almost borderline. Scary, but it was such an eye opener.  When I heard about a product that can decrease cholesterol level and among other things, I am curious to find out more about it, Pati Herba Madu.

Pati Herba Madu is a product by Clear Herbs Sdn. Bhd and Clear Herbs Trading. It is enriched with the goodness of raw honey (madu asli), dates (kurma), garlic (bawang putih), lemon juice (jus lemon), ginger (halia) and apple cider (cuka epal).

Pati Herba Madu is produced to help to keep the body in a healthy state, such as :

♥ Reduce cholesterol level
♥ Clear out clogged arteries
♥ Weight loss
♥  Improve digestion system
♥ Release wind
♥ Good for those with high blood pressure and diabetic diseases.

It is said that Pati Herba Madu  is also good for those who suffers from chest pain, gout, numbness and  sinus!

Do you know Dato' Malek Noor? He was a Malaysian and Asia body builder years ago and now he is the ambassador of Pati Herba Madu. He suffered from difficulty of breathing due to his clogged arteries. He is a foodie so he's afraid that his habit will contribute to heart attack. He has been consuming Pati Herba Madu consistently and he has had good results. At the age of 60, he is able to work out, play golf and does not get tired easily.

Here's are some testimonial from other consumers :


For the rest of testimonials, you can read it here :

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Pati Herba Madu is priced at RM69  (SM) and RM 79 for (S/S) :)

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  1. nice product ! boleh la cuba untuk mak n abah..

  2. Bagus utk kesihatan ni.. kita yg muda boleh mencegah penyakit dgn mengamalkan produk pati herba madu ni



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