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I bet you are wondering what is Gula Gula Magic? Gula-gula is sweets or candies in english and magic is, well magic. *hahaha* Okay lame jokes aside, this is a new product by Gah Gemilang Ventures which acts as a food supplement that gives benefits to its consumers. It is enriched with cocoa, apple, goat milk, apricot, honey and pomegranate. It also contains collagen to help in brightening the skin and maintaining skin's elasticity.  It is suitable for teenagers up to more mature men and women. It can be eaten 2 times a day, one tablet before breakfast and another tablet before bed time. 

What is so interesting about this food supplement that it comes in tablet form and it has 3 flavours in a box! Each flavours will give different effects but in all, these 3 flavours will help in boosting energy, repairing the skin, improving blood circulation and digestion.

Green Apple
  Reduce the risk of heart disease and liver problems
 ♥ Maintain body weigh and reduce indigestion problem

 ♥ Reduce blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.
 ♥ Anti-stress
 ♥ Smoothing the skin
** Eat the chocolate tablet during the day if you are feeling stress

Goat Milk
 ♥ Rich in Vitamin A, B, B2, D Lactose, Nitrogen, Calcium, Iron and Protein
 ♥ Generally good for the body as it helps to maintain the well-being of your heart, improve digestive system, reduce weight and strengthen bones.

There are 30 tablets in a box and it is retailed at RM49 (Semenanjung) and RM53 (Sabah & Sarawak). You can purchase it via online, authorized stockists and herbal kiosk. Or call this number 0173970376 to place your order.  Do check it out if you are interested to try Gula Gula Magic as it has a lot of benefits. I will be trying them and keep you guys updated on my Snapchat and Instagram so follow me there ok? :)

For more information on Gula Gula Magic, please visit :

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  1. Wahh! Tak zabarr nak cuba Gula Gula Magic ni.. Do you believe in magic? ehehee..



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