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Assalamualaikum and hello!

Today's post is a special post because this post is about friendship that blossoms into sisterhood #AjlaaGegirls .Honest to god, who knew when we first gathered at Ajlaa Village for bloggers review and a wonderful short getaway, we hit it right off the bet. Late night gossips, laughter and tears with these bunch of amazing ladies. The fact that we even have our own messenger group FB says a lot, right? :) A friendship that I wish will continue till our last breath, Insyaallah.

Who are these girls? :)  From left to right, lets start!

Ayue : Baru je kawan dgn Ayue ni sebenarnya.  But who knew this girl sangat la baik, alahai pandai masak, rajin. Eh untungla bakal suami awak. :)

Suzai : My fashionista babe. My tempat luahan perasaan. My kaki gossip. Eh sayang la awak ni. :D 

Alyza : First time jumpa kat event Nuffnang. Masa baru kenal eh malu2 kucing. HAHA tapi dah kenal boleh borak macam tak ingat dunia. Macam dah kenal lama. Best gile borak ngn you babe. sayang you.

Illy : This sweet lady, kind-hearted woman is so helpful, tak kedekut ilmu, suka share tips. Wanita kental. Hehe she is the definition of a strong woman. Bless you Illy. :) and Sofea comel gile la. geram!!

Pika : This bubbly and friendly girl, suka dengar Pika ngomel2. Suka dengar Pika cerita about something, full of fire! Hehehehe suka Pika sebab Pika tak sombong and always so real! Muah muah

Caroline : The only lenglui here in the group. Hehehe This is girl is so funny wey, and so sweet. I suka you sebab you tak kekok kawan dgn kitorg yg gile ni. hahaha I love your teka-teka in Ajlaa btw. hahaha 

Ayna : Mommy to the adorable Aamar. I still remember the first time we met. Hehe lama dah tu. Yang ni pun kaki gosip jugak. :P Thanks Ayna sebab selalu paham perasaan i bila kite gosip2 and thank you sbb jawab question  I bile I tanye pasal baby stuff, truly appreciate it. :)

Liz : First time jumpa Liz masa kat Ajlaa. Liz ni blur2 sikit. Hehehe tapi manis betul la budak ni. Lemah-lembut, tgk dia marah pun macam tak marah. Memang calon menantu pilihan. :D

There's 3 more girls that could not make it at this celebration, Cik Lily Putih, Mieza and Mira. We talk about them next time okay? :D

I didn't even tell you what's this post is about! *LOL* We celebrated Illy & Pika's birthday at Pretz n' Beanz last month and we had a blast. Food is so gooooood!! I highly recommend coming to this new outlet in Bangsar. I didn't get to eat all because I was busy minding Marissa *hahaha first time without the husband :P*  A few months back we celebrated Suzai birthday and this month we are going to celebrate Ayna and Mira's birthday. :D Okay I don't want to waste my time typing so much, lets take a look at the photos okay? :)

Happy birthday Illy & Pika. :)

Let's take a look at the food in Prtz :)

Sesame Sugar Pretzel   |   RM6.90 

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel   |   RM6.90

Parmesan Cheese Pretzel   |   RM8.05

Basil Cheese Pretzel   |   RM8.05

The pretzels? OMG a must try! I am so used to the taste of a popular pretzel brand but these pretzels from Pretz n' Beanz is tasty! Golden on the outside, soft in the inside. Perfectly baked. My personal favourite is the Cinnamon Sugar pretzel, nyums.

Bolognese Chicken Spaghetti   |   RM18

Grilled Fish with Creamy Sauce   |   RM26.50

I love when a cafe has All Day Breakfast menu because I am the kind of girl who eats breakfast dish any time of the day. They have quite a variety of all day breakfast menu, so pick what your heart desires!

Continental Breakfast - Choice of 5 with thick toast/croissant   |   RM22.05

Royal Salmon Egg Benedict   |   RM29.05
Champignon Baked Egg   |   RM19.70

Pepperoni Beef Pizza (regular)   |   RM25.55
Chicken Hawaiian  Pizza (regular)   |   RM24.35

I ate the Chicken Hawaiian Pizza and it was so good. The dough is pretzel dough, thick and full of carb goodness. The toppings is well-seasoned with that pineapple, hmmmm yummy!

Filled Pretzel with Sweet Potatoes   |   RM11.55
Caramel Latte Coffee   |   RM13

I am definitely coming back because I need to try some of these dishes because hari tu tak puas makan. *hahaha* I am going to drag my husband to come here again. :P

I love this shot by Suzai. :)

I love you girls, till the next birthday! :)

I had a wonderful time with these girls, and also the food in Pretz n' Beanz is amazing! Go check them out at their latest outlet in Bangsar :

Pretz n' Beanz
No. 9, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru 56100 KL

**Disclaimer : Photos courtesy of Sizzling Suzai   :) 

Thanks for reading!

Till then,



  1. Alahaiii..sweet nya post uuuuu..syg ketat2 lah cmni! Syok weyh ade member cm u, bole ketawa kuat2!! Hahaha

    1. hahah amboi!! taula gelak i mcm gelak jantan!! hahahahhahahaha :P

  2. Takkan lupa hokeh borak kat parking curve je kot boleh berjam jam...hahahahah...sayang u too babe! ❤️

    1. hahhaha tau xpe. parking pun jalan. lol. muah muah

  3. Omg sabby, you are the sweetest 😊 nakbbuat juga.

    Sabby : one of the cutest and sweetest lady I know. Pandai masak n buat cake, paling sedap red velvet dia. Suka senyum, very friendly and loveable 😊 marissa sangat comel n behave, jumpa siap nanti auntie illy gomol lagik haha

    1. awwwww thanks illy <3 hehe ok nanti kite swap la, i gomol copia, u gomol marissa :D

  4. Perghh kena kencing manis! Sweet giler entry.. Blur banyak rasanyaa 🙈🙈🙈 xsabar meet up lagi next .. Jeng Jeng ..

  5. OMG! Lapar balik tengok entry ni. Thank you so much Kak Sabby. Sangat terharu dengan setiap kata-kata manis tuuu.. you also my favs sister yg syok bawa sembang dan tak kekok layan pika. Much love Kak Sabby.. Thanks bawak Marissa hari tu :)

    1. welcome Pika <3 pika mmg gila2. hehe seronok! :D

  6. Awww u're super sweet! & tak kekok langsung cz u girls also damn fun to be with! <3 sorry yea, we need lame-ness to keep everything interesting! HAHAHAHAHA i'll give more riddles when we gather next round! xxx

    1. hahaha yeah i shall wait for your riddles. lame one is always acceptable. HAHAHA :P

  7. What a lovely entry you made babe, love you & the cute Marissa mucho mucho too, im always looking forward for our gossip gossip session, hehehe 😍😍😍

    1. awwww thank you babe <3 next time bawak aamra pula. bole gomol! :D



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