BEAUTY | Review : Dr. Irma Radiant White Vitamin C Serum & Whitening BB Serum Foundation

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It has been a hectic week, like seriously no kidding. I haven't even have the time to take a look at my blog *how sad is that* Well, life happens and you gotta get through it, ain't that right? But anyway, speaking on a positive note, I've got to try 2 new products from Dr. Irma, our local Malaysian brand Radiant White Vitamin C Serum and Whitening BB Serum Foundation. These two products work hand in hand together to achieve brighter, supple, elastic and acne free skin. I've tried the products for about 10 days, lets see how they fare. ;)

Size / Weight / Volume : 15ml
Price : RM89

Vitamin C is known as the ultimate skin brightening properties in any skincare products. Dr. Irma's Radiant White Vitamin C is a water based Vitamin C and Aloe Vera serum that helps in brightening the skin while keeping the skin smooth and maintaining the skin's elasticity. Aloe Vera is a great ingredient to heal the skin and act as anti-inflammatory agent. For those who has sensitive and acne prone skin, you can try this serum as it is also targeted to those who wants to reduce the appearance of blemishes scars. Other ingredients include potent plants and flowers extract from the Alps, Mediterranean and Himalaya which has strong anti-oxidant properties, as well as collagen reproduction and dermal cell turnover. Essential oils is also included in this serum as the purpose of natural therapeutic effects.

I love the glass packaging with gold and black accent. Classy and functional as well. The dropper is a plus point as I can drop the serum directly on my face. I usually use 4 1/2 drops at each application, 1 for my forehead, 2 on my both cheeks, 1 drop on my chin and a half drop o my nose. I always pat in the serum so my skin will absorb the serum as much as it could. I actually use this serum as my night routine, right before I go to bed. The texture is watery and slightly oily. For me it feels quite glue-y after application and I need about a minute or two until my skin feels completely dry and non sticky. I'm having rashes right now on my jawline and one huge zit made an appearance yesterday. I don't see any reduction of the rashes and blemish, but I think the serum soothes my jawline and makes it less red. But I do notice that my skin feels non oily when I wake up in the morning and it looks less puffy. I love the fact that I wake up looking decent! *hahaha* I find the smell is  too floral for my liking *you know I'm pretty picky about a product's scent* but as the minute goes down, the scent will go away, so don't worry about that. As an overall review for this serum, I think this would be a good choice for those with acne skin but wants to try out whitening serum as it has healing and soothing properties.

Size / Weight / Volume : 20ml
Price : RM98

A serum in a foundation? Heck YES! When I got this foundation, I know this is the foundation to use if to save me some time. The ingredients included in this serum will help in reduction of fine lines, brighten the skin and so much more. For oily skin, it will help to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while it will give hydration purpose for those with dry skin. It also contains SPF35++ so you know this foundation will protect you from the harsh UV rays. Let's see the breakdown of the ingredients and the benefits in this serum foundation.


 Licorice + Fruit extracts + Vitamin C
~ Lightens the skin, pigmentation and discolouration
~ Heals aggravated pimples

♥ Apple Stem Cells extract + Marine Collagen from France
~ Plump up skin cells
~ Improve skin's renewal 

You can see there's micro glitter in the foundation, therefore glowing effect is noticeable.

Again, I love the glass jar packaging, simply exclusive. The jar itself comes with a lid and a spatula (hygienic purpose) which I truly appreciate. The texture of the serum foundation is watery, since it is a water-based foundation. The best way to apply it is by using my flat top kabuki brush or a beauty blender for a flawless finish. This serum foundation is a medium to high coverage. I can easily add on another layer because it does not weigh me down or make me feel I have a thick foundation. But the first 2-3 minutes, I feel a bit stickiness but by the 3 minutes count, I don't feel that sticky feeling anymore. The serum foundation is pink based foundation, and it suits all skin types as it will oxides according to your skin tone. At first I thought the foundation is way too pink and too fair for me but after 10- 15 minutes, the foundation is absorbed into my skin and create this brighter and glowing canvas. I have used this foundation mostly 5-6 hours and I am happy that the foundation does not budge. For me, this serum foundation is a great alternative if you are someone who likes your skincare and makeup to be in ONE product. It saves time, give medium to high coverage, easy to blend and this is also great for those who has uneven skin tone because I think personally the pink undertone helps in colour correcting. 

Photo : I am using Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation without concealer and any other face base makeup.

Photo : My full face makeup using Dr Irma Whitening BB Serum Foundation as my makeup base.

I am happy that I was introduced to these two products, namely because they are Malaysian products and I am always more than happy to try out our local brand. Malaysia Boleh! *hehehe* If you guys are wondering, both of Dr. Irma's products are made in Malaysia, does not contained banned ingredients and they are certified by Malaysia Ministry of Health. So no worries! :) Do check them out on their links below to find out more about these 2 star products! :)

Whatsapp -  018 986 7511

For more information on Dr. Irma products, please visit :

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