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Assalamualaikum and hello!

A few weeks back, my husband and I (plus Marissa of course), my high school friend, Shel and her husband An with her daughter Iman went to Sunway Lagoon on a Sunday. Sunway Lagoon is one of Malaysia's tourist attraction and it is a must visit place for everyone, even if you are a Malaysian. I have been to Sunway Lagoon for about 4 or 5 times in my 31 years of my life and I am still excited to go there. It's because each time I visited Sunway Lagoon, there's always new addition to the theme park. Now, Sunway Lagoon has Nickelodeon in their theme park, how fun is that!! I'm excited to bring Marissa there because she loves water. :D Going to Sunway Lagoon is like walking down the memory lane, reminiscing those days when I was younger . *LOL*

Okay just a heads up, I am afraid of heights, heck I'm afraid of everything. :D I am not an adventurous person, therefore all of the rides that I rode on are 'mild' ones. *hahaha* Since my friend and I brought our baby, we took turn to go on rides because a couple needs to mind the 2 babies in stroller. :P This trip is about how a family with small kids can enjoy Sunway Lagoon too!

An, Shel , Yours Truly & my husband Iwan :)

Bahahaha :P

Our first stop is the Wild Wild West.  I've been here so many times and my all time favourite is the Grand Canyon River Rapids where you will be taken on a ride through a river. You have to sit on a huge tube and experience the rough water *ala-ala water rafting mild version*. I love it since I was in school and I still love it now. *hahaha* If you are non-adventurous type like me, give this a go, you will love it!

After about one hour in Wild Wild West, we went to the Scream Park because my husband and An wanted to go in. Shel and I waited outside because trust me, I don't even want to go near this park because I'm such a scaredy-cat. :P

Nak jugakkkkk >.< LOL

Then we made a pit stop to go to the Wildlife Park, which is my second top attraction because this is such a great place if you are bringing your kids. It is such an educational interactive environment, a greta place for your small kids to learn about animals. I love the tigers, they are so beautiful! This one tiger stood in front of me and it was so surreal, so huge OMG! What I love about Sunway Lagoon Wild Life is that the animals are well kept and they look healthy. The park is a bit dim which makes it perfect to stroll around and enjoy what they have in store. I love it so much and I am going to bring Marissa here once again when she's a bit bigger to enjoy all this!

What you can find at the Wildlife Park

So much to do in the Wildlife Park, a must pit-stop for family with small kids

After Wildlife Park, we headed straight to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon! Yeahhhh the highlight of this trip! I was so excited to see what kind of rides they have! :D But before that, we stopped a while because I want to feed Marissa and give her milk. We were starving as well, it's time to eat! 

The first ride that we played was the Jungle Fury which is my third top rides. You need to be in a group of 4 to be able to get into this ride. Shel and I paired up with another couple (since our husband has to take care of our babies) to enjoy this ride. This is so much fun!! It is similar to the Grand Canyon River Rapids but this is faster and more fun!! I would go on this over and over again! :D 

Then my husband and An went on Monsoon 360, and it was freaking awesome they said! You have to stand on a platform, then the floor will open up and you will drop vertically. Like what??? The adrenaline rush was at the highest level. *LOL* I didn't go up because I'm scared. *hahaha* But this is simply a must for everyone who loves the adrenaline rush!

Next stop is Splish Splash, the perfect place for your babies! Marissa is only 6 months++ during our trip and she just started sitting on her own. At Splish Splash, I can let her sit on her own (I was with her all the time, don't worry) and seeing her playing with water makes me happy. :')  A relaxing place to relax and unwind and play with your kiddos, perfect! Therefore this is my fourth top attractions in Sunway Lagoon!

My final 5th top rides in Sunway is definitely the Spongebob Splash Adventure. OMG this is so so so much fun. It's like going into a treasure cave and exploring, oh so much fun! Even if you don't have a kid, stop by here and have fun! Be ready to get really really really wet. *hahaha* I actually fell down because I was too excited *lol* :P


Okay so there are several more rides in the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon but unfortunately we were not able to play with any of those because it started raining around 2.30pm. T_T  And it continued raining until 5pm++  T_T  We didn't even get the chance to go to the Water Park. T_T

But nevertheless, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is a must place to go to. I would suggest for you to go to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon first, trust me on this. Since it is the latest and Asia 1st Nickelodeon Themed Land, why not enjoy this first? :) I am definitely coming back for another adventure.

So here's a few tips if you are traveling with small kids :

#1 As known that outside food and drinks is not allowed but baby food or milk is fine, don't worry about that.
#2  If you have a rain cover for your baby stroller, bring it. You never know whether it's going to rain or not. It will make your life easier if it rains.
#3  It can get pretty hot due to our weather right now. Always check your baby and give her fluids just incase.
#4  Beware of mosquitos in the Wildlife Park.
#5  Arrive at Sunway Lagoon exactly at 10am because when you travel with kids, there will be a lot of pit stops along the trip. Plan your journey because Sunway Lagoon closes at 6pm and you most definitely want to fully use the time in there. 

We had a great time that day, and that was the first time we brought Marissa to a theme park. I can't wait for her to grow a liltle bit bigger so she can enjoy it once more. :) Thank you to Go Communication for the experience and opportunity, we all had so much fun! :)

If you are thinking to go to Sunway Lagoon, check out their links below :
Official Website :

Thanks for reading!

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*Disclaimer : This is an invitation review from Sunway Lagoon. However, my review has always been 100% honest from my own experience. Thank you. :)



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