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To all my hijabis friends, where is your favourite place to shop for your shawls and clothing? I personally love going to Section 7 in Shah Alam because there are SO MANY shops that caters to my needs. I remember going there during Ramadan a few years back, there were so many choice but I almost fainted because the weather is too hot! T_T *hahaha* Even during fasting month, we WOMEN can shop all day long right? :P

Anyway last weekend I was invited to Galeri Hajra in Shah Alam Section 7 to check out their latest hijab collection and also to meet Galeri Hajra  ambassador, the beautiful Wawa Zainal. She is a Malaysian actress and I bet everyone who watches Malay drama would definitely know her. She's so beautiful! :D Okay so when there's a popular celebrity made an appearance, you can expect bargain galore! 

They had great bargain from 29th April till 2nd May where instant shawls are given the price of RM100 for 3 pcs! Fuhhh, that's good pricing, am I right? They also opened up a special bargain section (nearby the boutique) where you can find even cheaper shawls. Yes I found a shawl that is only RM6!  Looking at the new collection, I love their instant shawls because they are comfortable, good material and so easy to style. Sarung je dah siap! The most important part for me is these shawls are wrinkle free so there is no need to iron! *Yeayyyy* Anyone can wear Galeri Hajra shawls because there are many styles and designs that can cater to your preference. :)

A well-organized boutique, love how spacious and every shawls is located based on their types and styles.

Here is the list of some of Galeri Hajra shawls :

Hanna Shawl Instant
Amisha Instant
Rossa Diamond Instant
Printed Najiha Instant
Thaisilk Klim Diamond

Rambang mata!! :D
Left : Rossa Diamond Instant
Right : Instant Bianca Pleat
Loving the tag! I love this denim type of material, looks good on everything! :)

One shot with the lady of the hour! :)

This Labour Day sale between 30% to 80%  is going on until 15th May. You can find amazing deals in the store, better grab fast because Eid is coming soon! :D If you ask me, I suggest for you to check out the Instant Shawl Collection because they have a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from. The material they used is good quality, you can feel it when you hold and feel the shawls in your hand. So apa lagi, pergila serbu! :D

For more information on Galeri Hajra, please visit :

Official Website :

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