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Assalamualaikum and hello!

This is a travel post, yes finally! *hahaha* in the beginning I wasn't sure whether I wanted to blog about my Langkawi Trip with my high school friends, but then again, since it is our first time travelling with Marissa, maybe I can share with all the new mommies or soon-to-be mommies my experience travelling with a small child. My travel period was around end of March, it was a 3 days 2 nights stay. If you have been following my blog, you might notice that sometimes I write about my high school friends.  I have a circle of best friends since 1997 and we are still friends until now. *bless them* Anyway, we always wanted a holiday together so we have to wait until everyone is married. I was the last one *LOL* so 2015 was our first trip. Last year we went to Melaka (south) so this year we decided to go to the north and Langkawi Island was the top on the list. 

Flight was pretty cheap, 2 adults plus an infant cost about RM270, oh we used MAS by the way. We stayed at Royal Agate which is located at Cenang Beach area and it cost us around RM290 for 2 nights. Check out Traveloka if you want to have more choices and good deals on your accommodation.  Since I gave birth, this is my first flight with Marissa and I kid you not, Iwan and I were really nervous because we don't know what to expect. Marissa was 5 months ++ and the only thing I imagine that she will be crying and screaming through out the flight. T_T My sisters and friends said that I should give her milk or water the moment the flight is going to take off to prevent her ears from hurting due to the air pressure. Alhamdulillah she drank her milk and fell sleep through out the flight and woke up just in time the plane was going to land. Phewwwww! Luckily the flight was just about 45 minutes. Thank you Allah for making her sleep in the flight. *hahaha*

We reached Langkawi airport in the evening and my friend Shel and her husband An fetched us from the airport. Okay here's a story, all of us came on a different day and timing. Shel and An came on Thursday, Iwan and I came on Friday evening, Mal and Hazrul on Friday night and Fel, Mash and Roe came on Saturday morning. YES berterabur! *hahaha* the only day that we got together was on Saturday because Mal left on Sunday morning, Shel and I on Sunday night and Fel, Mash and Roe on Monday. We arranged our schedule according to our flexibility so that worked for everyone.

Our first stop was late lunch because we were starving. Then we went straight to the hotel for check in. Royal Agate is located in Cenang beach, a good place if you want to walk around Cenang Beach area. There's a mall there, it is nearby the Aquaria and the beach is just a walk distance in front of the hotel. The rooftop cafe/restaurant is a must visit because it is beautiful! A nice place for sunset and sunrise, so do go to the top floor to enjoy it. :)

View from the roof top
View from the roof top
The rooftop cafe/restaurant

Okay after a little bit of rest, Shel and An fetched us from the hotel and went straight to the airport to fetch Mal, Hazrul and Haziq because they arrived around 8pm if I am not mistaken. Then we went to Gulai Panas Halim restaurant (nearby the airport) for dinner and OMG the curries are so yummy! Highly recommend to have dinner there, sedap!!

Sabby, Shel & Mal

The next morning, after the rest of the gang arrived, we visited the Langkawi Wildlife Park because it is a great place if you have small kids. The animals here are well-kept, clean and interactive. You can buy food for the animals and feed them. Kids are going to have so much fun!

Our first family trip :)

We were there for about 3 hours then we had lunch. So technically we wanted to eat at this one restaurant near the Dataran Helang but, the restaurant was closed so we ended up eating at Papparich. *hahahaha* #failedtourist  It was very hot that day and those who just arrived that morning were exhausted so we went back to the hotel to rest and will meet up for dinner. Since we have ample time, we decided to go swimming since the hotel has a decent size swimming pool.

Marissa with kakak Iman :)

This was Marissa's first time swimming, and she fell asleep!! *hahaha* she is such a funny girl :D Later on, we met up and went for dinner at D'muara Cenang Restaurant. We followed waze and it took us to a creepy road. *hahaha* Scary weh :P

The whole gang! :)
Top from left : Hazrul, Haziq, Mal, Sabby, Marissa, Iwan, Mash, Miqail, Muqri, Marzuq, Mazrul, Yasmine, Bud, Roe, An
Bottom from left : Fel, Raisya, Hazman, Shel, Iman

After dinner we went back to the hotel and Iwan and I decided to walk around Cenang area. There's a lot of food kiosks, shops, souvenir stores and I even had tattoo henna. *hehehe* We had ice cream and we just walked around that area. It was funs, I love it. :)

 Saturday was the only day we were all together, so Sunday we all kinda do our own thing. Fel, Mash and Roe wanted to go to island hopping since their kids are big enough but Shel and I have smaller kids so we don't want to bring babies on a boat. Mal was pregnant that time so she definitely didn't want to go on a boat and her flight was on Sunday morning. :D If you have kids 3 or 4 years above, do go island hopping in Langkawi because my friends had so much fun! I will surely want to come back to Langkawi and experience all this!

They also went on the Langkawi Cable Car, it looks scary to me because I'm afraid of heights but if you love some adventure, go there and have some fun. But I do want to go though looking at this photo. Maybe next time, eh? :D

Don't look down! :P

As for me and Shel, our flight was at night so what we did on Sunday was shopping! *hahaha* I stock up on my ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and ikan masin (salted fish). You should buy ikan bilis here because it is way cheaper for a kilo (Grade A) and they are definitely fresher. I spent about RM120 for 2kgs of ikan bilis, several packs of salted fish, and a bunch of other stuff. Totally worth it! The name of the shop is Langkawi Ikan Bilis if I am not  mistaken. Then we went To Haji Ismail Group and a few other shops for chocolates and sweets. This is a must I guess for every tourists. :P After all that shopping done, it was already 5pm and we hang out at this laksa booth nearby airport to fill our hungry tummy. Laksa Ikan Sekor, is basically laksa with one whole fish! *hahaha* first time makan ni. :P Do try it out if you have time before heading to the airport. :)

So that's the whole story of my trip, it was a very chill and relax and that's the kind of holiday that I like. But I really need another holiday now, a beach holiday maybe? :)

Okay so here's several tips from me if you are traveling with a baby less than a year old :

#1  Check the weather
O boy this is important so you can pack appropriate clothing for your baby. Langkawi was freaking hot, sleeveless tops are the best for Marissa.

#2  Bring a baby carrier
We brought stroller for Marissa of course because that's the easier way. But there will be places that's a bit difficult to push a stroller so baby carrier is the best option. I used Boba Wrap and I love it because it is comfortable for your baby. Trust me, your baby will fall asleep in just 10 minutes if you use this. 

#3  Bring your baby favourite toys/soother
This helps a lot to get Marissa to sleep or even when she's crying. But honestly Marissa does not cry in public, she only cries when she wants milk or wants to sleep. What I mean is that, have something in your bag that could distract your baby.

#4  Pack enough food/milk/diapers/clothes during sightseeing
When you are sightseeing, make sure you have enough hot water if you feed your baby formula milk. I really don't like the idea of going to restaurants and ask for hot water, but if it's necessary then you just have to do it. That's why it is important to plan and pack how much you need during the day trip and pack another extra for emergencies.

#5  Always check on your baby
Even if you know your baby is sleeping in his/her stroller, make it a point to check on them every 10 minutes. There's a lot of case of heat stroke whatever now so it's better to take precaution.

#6  Have fun and take a lot of photos with your baby!
Yes she's a baby, she doesn't know anything but she is in the learning process every single day. Include her in everything, show her everything, talk to her and interact with her even though she doesn't understand. Make her smile, make her laugh. It's about making memories with your child, trust me that every minute counts. :) 

That's all for today and I hope you enjoy my post as I have so much fun writing this. Oh man, I need another holiday, come soon please! :)

P/S : Non-watermark photos are taken from my friends FB page , Fel, Mash and Shel. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good tips kak sabby pasal yg minum air/milk tu kasi baby. Noted for future 🙈



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