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Hey everyone.

I haven't poured out any thoughts on personal life lately and I just feel like writing a little bit about it. Before you jump into any conclusion, let me just say that I AM FINE (and I'm not pregnant *I just have to say it* hahaha*), there's nothing to worry about. But I am here to tell you the things I'm facing as a normal human being.

Lately I've been feeling disconnected with the blogging world, in which I have no idea what is going on. I still love writing and sharing stuff with you guys, but there's moments when I feel 'lost'. There's a lot of emotions going on in my head, I feel trapped. You still see me post here and there but honestly, I feel numb. I really don't know how to explain it. Maybe all I need to do is to step back for a little while and just enjoy life. I gotta say, I haven't felt this way about blogging for the longest time.   I'm not gonna stop blogging (for sure) but I guess I need some time to figure things out. 

Anyway, lets talk about Marissa. Oh my gosh, this cheeky girl is going to be 1 and a half years old in a couple of days!! How time flies guys, ohh I just can't believe it. She's so big now. :') She surprises me with her wits and charms, I can't stop gushing about her. Well of course, I'm her mother. *hahaha*  She's getting smarter and curious by the day and finally, we put up the baby gate in my kitchen so she won't be able to kacau me while I'm cooking. I actually wanted to do a recipe series for toddlers, sharing homemade and healthy recipes about what I cooked for her and what she loves, obviously. I have a few recipes on my mind already. Would you like to read that, any mommies out there? :D

I've been on a healthy-kick lately simply because I just want my family to be a better eater. Since I got my air-fryer, deep frying food is no longer needed. Except maybe for pisang goreng. :D I also been cutting down carbs and sugar but of course when I want to eat them, I would definitely do it. I would like to incorporate the healthy lifestyle slowly and not being too drastic about it. I still eat rice  and bread because there is no way I can live without those two. The key word is 'moderation', as simple as that. Not gonna lie that I wanted to lose the weight, so far I've lost 4kgs and I just hope that the weight will continue to drop. I'm not just doing this for losing the weight, but to have a healthy body and mind. And I bought myself the Nescafe Gold Barista coffee machine, oh my how my coffee game has changed. The reason I bought it is because I want to stop drinking the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 coffee. I've read quite a lot of articles about it and how it effects the body (negatively). You guys can google it up to find out more. Anyway so I know I need to stop drinking it. But again, having it once in a while is totally fine but I used to drink it every single day and sometimes even 2 cups per day. 

I guess that's all for now, I need to settle some house chores because Marissa is napping and this is the time to do all that. Thank you so much for reading, even though this post is rather random. :)

Thanks for reading!



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