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Mother's Day is coming in May, and what better way than to share a little bit of love to our number one women, our mother. CLARINS just introduced the most adorable pairing to be given as gifts that is perfect for mothers on-the-go, who is the multi-tasker but still wants to look beautiful while being a supermom!  A Cheek, A Kiss Duo consists of 2-step routine products, the Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm and Skin Illusion Blush which is limited edition. 

CLARINS Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm - RM79.00

Being a mom, lip balm is truly my best friend when I'm running errands because let's face it, sometimes I just don't want to have a full face on. Having a lip balm in my handbag is a must therefore this CLARINS Daily Energy Lovely Lip Balm comes handy. The lip balm is peach-scented which makes it fun to apply. As far as the hydration goes, it fares pretty okay. If you love lightweight feel, this is the one for you. It is not the typical heavy and greasy kind of feel. The lip balm will change colour, depending on pH level of your lips.  The cardboard packaging is made from sustainably managed forest, which is indeed a great effort to support eco-friendly purpose.

CLARINS Skin Illusion Blush - RM85.00

CLARINS Skin Illusion Blush is a quick fix for on-the-go kinda gal.  It is beautifully packaged in this small portable case that contains the blush, a mirror and the powder puff. Infused with mineral and plants extract, this ultra-fine powder blush will give you the natural looking glow and radiance in just minutes! Start with a small amount and continue layering until you get your desired glow. I personally only dab it a few times (less than 5 times) to get the flushed cheeks.  There are 3 shades available ; Luminous Pink, Luminous Coral and Havana. The blush has the same peach scent as the lip balm, which I kinda enjoy. :D

Both of this products are available from 15th April 2017 onward, make sure to drop by at any CLARINS counter or their website to get your hands on them! :)

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