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Can you believe that we are going into May soon? Fasting month will be happening by end of May, then come Raya in end of June. This is the time when women (I mean, me myself) will be panicking, trying to make sure that Raya preparation is on time. Being a mommy, I need to settle Marissa's stuff first because I want to stay on top of everything this year. No more last minute preparation for the little ones! Marissa's raya prep is almost done, so now it's time for mommy's baju raya! :D

I know nowadays people are more into online shopping for their raya clothes, so am I. I am no longer buy fabrics to be sent to tailor but instead, I would search and survey my potential raya clothes via online. But to be honest, sometimes the raya clothes are super expensive and it can reach more than RM500 for a pair of baju kurung! I personally won't spend that amount of money just for a pair of baju kurung, unless I have an important event to attend to. I want to share with all of you a website where you can get affordable and trendy muslimah fashion, it is Carousell! I believe most of you would have heard about Carousell. It is an online marketplace where you can sell and buy brand new or used items. You can find a lot of products in the maketplace, including muslimah fashion! 

Let's admit it, we all have the unused clothes that we want to get rid off, what better way to get extra money by selling of these items via Carousell? And you can also buy new or preloved muslimah clothes at cheaper price. The best part of Carousell is that, you can negotiate with the seller regarding the price so it's a win-win situation for both of you. Once agreement is achieved, transfer payment and wait for your parcel to arrived. There's a variety of style to choose from, from baju kurung to modest blouse and pants to muslimah dresses.  Simply search 'muslimah fashion' and a listing of the products will popped up and you can take your time choosing which one you like. Trust me, you'll go crazy looking at the amazing deals! Muslimah clothing in Carousell is way more affordable without compromising the trend factor. There's a lot of up-to-date designs that will suit your fashion style. I might even get one pair of baju kurung for this coming raya. 

I have been using Carousell for a while now and it is a great place to sell of my things. One of the key reason I love using Carousell is because it is so easy to use. If you have a smartphone, you are set! Just download the app, snap, list and sell! It's easy, convenient and a no-hassle app. I actually sold a few things on Carousell already and it is a good way to allocate some money for the rainy days. How much you make depends on how frequently you update your account, so don't be lazy! :D I never bought anything from Carousell, but as a seller, I believe the platform is reliable. Buyers can review the profile of the seller and feedbacks from previous buyers. Therefore you can decide and evaluate whether the seller is reliable or not. 

Click at the seller id and find out more about the seller!

The choice of modest fashion is endless. Take your pick from shawls, jumpsuit, baju kurung, jubah, pants or casual tops, just name it, you will find it! If you are on a budget but still want to be fashionable, check out Carousell muslimah fashion listing and start shopping. You do know that you need at least 5 pairs of baju kurung for raya, right? Need to look good for those open houses! :D

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