LOOKBOOK #9 | Pastel Matching Set

Pastels is my go-to solution if I want to look feminine and sweet. Well not to say that I'm not sweet though..... :D I've always loved pastels but I used to avoid wearing them because I somehow I assumed lighter shades make me look bigger than I am, which is true. But, as I grow older, and bigger too *hahaha* I find that I could not care less about those things anymore and I want to wear whatever shades there is. I've been wearing a lot of whites and pastel blue is one of my favourite pastels. The combination of white, baby blue and soft pink is always a good mixture for my outfit.

I wore this outfit at Zalora Raya 2017 fashion show recently and I love how everything comes together. The light blue Aliya matching set top and pants is so comfortable. The top is flowy and perfect for hiding my tummy *hahaha* and the pants is stretchable that's why it is comfortable. I rarely wear matching top and pants because I find it too much but I think I'm beginning to love this matchy matchy concept. I wore my Uniqlo basic white long-sleeve T underneath the top, Ariani Brique bawal shawl and my trusted Rebecca Minkoff MAC in dusty pink. Seriously I love Rebecca Minkoff bags, I need more! Does anyone knows personal shoppers who can help me buy Rebecca Minkoff's bag? Hook me up girls! 

   FV Basics Aliya light blue matching set  ♥   Uniqlo white long-sleeve basic T   
♥   Ariani Brique bawal shawl   ♥   Christy Ng Chloe heels   
♥   Rebecca Minkoff MAC   ♥     

**Photographed by Sizzling Suzai

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