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I blogged about the Veet Sensitive Touch event several weeks ago and I touched on how it is supposed to perform. It is an electric trimmer that is gentle and easy to use while giving effective result. It focuses on the delicate area such as eyebrow, facial hair, underarm and bikini lines. If you want further info on the electric trimmer, please read my post HERE.

What's included in the kit

The Veet Sensitive Touch kit comes with :
1 beauty styler
1 two-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping
1 bikini trimming head
2 comb attachements
1 style cap
1 cleaning brush
1 beauty pouch
1 AA battery

The weight of the device gives a better grip while trimming hair. It is comfortable to hold at any angle. The size is similar to an electric toothbrush which makes its travel-friendly and easy to use for touch-ups. 

Turn the dial to the left to insert battery and to right to turn on the device

Love the fact that they include the battery, I don't have to trouble myself buying a battery separately!

Two-sided precision head for eyebrow trimming
Bikini trimming head

The detachable heads can be washed with water but you need to leave out the beauty styler. So please don't use this device while showering. I need to address that Veet Sensitive Touch is an electric trimmer, it is not a shaver. As I mentioned, I don't shave my eyebrow so I used the Veet Sensitive Touch on my upper lips. It removes most of the fine hair and makes my upper lips area smooth and clean. It is not painful at all so don't worry about getting cut! I also tried it on my husband to get rid of his moustache, and you can see the stubs left on his upper lips. It does not give the cleanest cut but it does remove the hair, just not completely. I also tried it on his sideburn (literally he only has 3 strands of hair. *hahaha*) because the hair is finer, and it cuts quite nicely but you can still see the stubs. 

I've read a lot of mixed review about this device, some love it, some don't. For some who used it for eyebrow, it shapes the eyebrow nicely but it is not the cleanest cut and ingrown hair can still be seen.  But there also people loving it so I recommend you to check out the stores and try them for yourselves. I think this device is useful for those who wants quick result, on-the-go touch ups! This is a great tool for Make Up Artist to have in their makeup kit as they can use it when they need to trim their clients eyebrow or facial hair. I personally would use it for my upper lips hair because I think it works and I am happy with the result. If you suffer for excessive upper hair lips, do this give a try. It might changed your life! 

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