CURE Introductory Media Event

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Despite of the hazy weather, today is pretty okay compared to yesterday, don't you think so? ;)  During this kind of weather, we need to take extra care of our skin because there are too much of air pollution happening! I'm almost out of my facial scrub, so getting an invite to an introductory of an exfoliation product came at the right time! ^_^

What : CURE Introductory Media Event
When : June 20th 2013,  2.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Where : Tujo Brasserie & Grill, Ascott Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Pinang

                                                                CURE Natural Aqua Gel

CURE Natural Aqua Gel


The Itinerary


A representative from CURE giving out a welcome speech to all guests.

Fiona Kim from Offstyle Sdn. Bhd sharing her experience on the usage of CURE skin exfoliation product 

Presentation of the product, CURE Natural Aqua Gel

CURE is Japan's most popular skin exfoliation product and it is said that one bottle is sold every 12 seconds in Japan! Isn't that amazing? 

Why do you need to exfoliate your skin, you ask. Simply because, 

Most skin problems are caused by accumulated dead skin layer (0.01mm) on your skin surface which resulted in slowing down the skin turn over cycle. You need to remember that only exfoliation will remove the dead  skin cells. Without exfoliation, anything that you massage onto your skin (lotion/serum/moisturizer) is useless because the dead cell layer will block the absorption of the products.

Why CURE is a best seller?

It is because it's packed with 90% WATER which is a natural ingredient. It is also preservative free, coloring free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and alcohol free! It does lived up to it's name, Natural Aqua Gel. CURE is the most gentle, safest and effective exfoliation product because it only removes unnecessary protein from the skin. It removes dead skin cell which makeup removers and cleansers cannot remove. As for skin turn over cycle, it works great as to minimize pigmentation, spots, signs of wrinkles, pimples, dry, oily and dry skin. The most interesting part is that, according to Nikkei Health (Japanes all-time famous magazine), it is proven that CURE helped in the reducing of the melanin pigment index which lead to the whitening of the skin.

How to use CURE?

1) Remove all makeup and wash your face with a cleanser. Pat dry.
2) Pump a small amount of CURE onto your fingertips.
3) Gently massage onto your face in a circular motion.
4) Rinse your face with water once the dead skin cells come off.
5) Continue with your regular skin care regime.

You don't need to exfoliate your skin everyday, TWICE a week is the recommended usage. Please massage gently, you don't need to rub too hard sweeties. Oh and please be careful when applying around the eye area because the gel will change into liquid when used. Other than that, you'll be fine. ^_^

P/S : You can use CURE for your face AND your body, how awesome, 2 in 1 ! ;)

The model for demonstration

The model for demonstration

Skincare steps to achieve flawless skin :

1st Step  : Makeup Remover
2nd Step : Facial cleanser/Washing Cream
3rd Step : Exfoliation
4th Step  : Toner/Lotion
5th Step  : Serum
6th Step   : Moisturizer
7th Step   : Sunblock / Sun Protector

Now it's our time to try it out!

The gel texture

Massage gently. Can you see the dead skin cell? Euwww

Baby soft skin, seriously!!

My Review

p/s : The event was held  last Thursday, therefore I've only used CURE one time only, but it does make a difference to my skin. If a product works this fast, I will surely want to share the experience with all of you. :)

RM Damage : RM115 per bottle (250g)

Where I bought it :
You can buy this in SaSa. But I got mine for free. hehe :D

Why I like it :
1. It's gentle to the skin, not harsh at all because there is no small granules/particles in the gel like other scrubs.
2. It is not scented but it does have this smell, sort of like medicated smell. But the most important is does not have the fragrance type of scent.
3. I immediately feel that my skin is so soft after using it because I can see that all my dead skins are finally removed!
4. I can feel that after removing dead skin cells, the absorption of my toner, serum and moisturizer is way better than before!
5. You might think that RM115 is expensive for a bottle of an exfoliation product, but the product will last you for 4 months. It's about RM28.75 per month which is quite reasonable for me. If you use it once a week, maybe it will last you between 6 - 8 months. Who knows? ;)

Why I don't like it :

Repurchase : Yes, after I finish up this whole bottle.

I got these in my goodie bag!

Full size (250g) CURE Natural Aqua Gel
Samples of CURE Natural Aqua Gel
CURE Bathtime Natural Rock Salt
2pcs of CURE Influ Block Candy (yummy!)
Brochures, Press Kit of the products

I met a new blogger friend, Corinne Chee. Please go and check out her blog! :)

I would like to thank SASA for inviting me to the event and also to CURE for presenting a great product. The Hi-tea was wonderful, as well as the company. Thanks again! And to my lovely readers, do check out CURE Natural Aqua Gel at SaSa near you, you won't regret it! ^_^

For more info on CURE :
Facebook Page : CURE Natural Aqua Gel
Website : TOYO Japan

For more info on SASA :
Facebook Page : SASA Malaysia
Website : SASA

*Disclaimer : All information is quoted from the press kit and brochures given to me and also my own words. The review is based on my 100% honest opinion. Thank you.

Till then, happy exfoliating! :D

Sabby Prue



  1. wow...ur skin must be baby soft after this...lepas ni review pasal tu plak k...

    1. ahaha that's my wish, baby soft skin forever. lol ok dear, I will update lagi nanti! :)

  2. wahhh another event hehe ble nk jmpe lg ni ;)

    1. tu laa... x jumpe2 u lagi.. next week ade yg event watson tu pegi x? :D

  3. I'm using it since 2 months before akak. and i love it too. sy dapat hadiah dari kawan yang stdy kat jepun. ")

    1. akak baru gune sekali pun dah suka sgt! eee kalau pakai 2 bulan mesti dpt kulit cantik mcm nanie! :D



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