How To : Clean Makeup Brushes

Assalamulaikum and hello there! :)

Today I want to talk about brush cleaning. I am one of those people who are sooooooooo lazy to clean their brushes. Hence I believe that my skin problems keep appearing is caused by not cleaning my makeup brushes.  I used to clean my brushes using Elianto's brush cleanser but I'm out of it. So I decided to use anything I have at home. Wanna know how I clean my brush? Well come on in..... ;)

You will need :

1) Your makeup brushes, of course. hehe
2) A silicone pad. I bought this at Daiso (read my haul) for the purpose to clean my brushes. I saw the idea on someone's instagram, I don't remember who was it. This is sort of give you the same purpose as the Sigma Brush Cleaner (you know the silicone mitten ones which is so expensive!) 
3) Baby Shampoo. I used Pureen, it's the only one in my bathroom. Haha but I'm going to get the Baby Johnson's shampoo after this. I'm using a baby shampoo because I don't want a cleanser that is too harsh and may dry out my brushes.
4) A deep plate to mix the shampoo and olive oil.
5) Extra virgin olive oil to keep the bristles soft.

6) I forgotten about this. hehe a napkin or a towel to place the brushes after cleaning. :D

How To :

1. Pour an amount of baby shampoo and olive oil in the same plate. Next to one another. Depends on how many brushes you need to clean.

2) Get you brush and swirl into mixture. Sort of mixing them together.

3) Swirl the brush onto your silicon pad until all those yuckiness come out.

4) After you are done abusing your brush, swirl it under running water till all the foam is gone. :D

5) Gently squeeze out all the water from your brush. I like to shape them back to their original condition so that it will not be so out of the place. Place them on a napkin and repeat the steps until all your brushes are clean.

6) By placing the brushes on a napkin, it's easier to transport them from the bathroom to your room.

This methods work well with sponges too!

7) Finally, lay down your brushes like the photo below. Make sure to NOT place your brushes in a cup (standing position) because the water from the bristles will go into the handles and will loosen up the glue (the one that connects the handle and the bristles)

This is how I clean my makeup brush. How do you clean yours? Post a link in my comment box if you have made a post on brush cleaning, would love to check that out. :)

I'm off to the gym, good bye darlings! 

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Awesome idea! I've never been to Daiso before and dying to get there. For my brushes, I like to use regular shampoo that I use for my hair too since I only use synthetic ones and not natural bristles.

    But use dish soap for my foundation brush. Sometimes it stained so bad that the bristles won't go back to white. And the dish soap has helped me a lot for this case.

    1. you SHOULD go to Daiso dear, you'll go crazy over their stuff. I always buy something whenever I go in, it's so addictive. hahaha

      I've never thought of using my own shampoo for the brushes. silly me. T_T hehe i'll try that next time. thanks babe. :)

  2. i also did the same thing. sometime ill put my hair conditioner to make my brushes more lembut

    1. hair conditioner pun ok eh? heee ok nanti nk cube! thanks. :)

  3. nice post, sis! nak beli silicone pad juga la nanti. thanks for sharing! ;)

    1. sure dearie. pegi beli tau, berbaloi2. ahahha :P

  4. Wow, awesome! That is a lot of brushes. I wish I have like yours. I don't usually wear makeup, so, that's the reason why I don't have many brushes because I'm just too lazy to wear makeup these days. Hehe! Btw, what is the everything price for Daiso Malaysia? Daiso in my country is $2.

    Shikin Kikin |

    1. hi shikin! hehe my brush collection is nothing... some girls have like x10000 MORE than mine. hahaha :P the price in Daiso is rm5 for everything. heeee

  5. hi sabby prue! I love reading your blog. rajin2 update, yea? hehe! btw where did you buy the ecotools brushes? malaysia/abroad? thanks in advance =)

    1. thanks so much dear! :)

      I bought the ecotools from dealmates, rm58 for everything! :D

  6. nice sgt idea ni! nk cari la tempat scrub tu... oh jgn bawak daku ke daiso... tgk2 dh perpuluh ringgit belanja! hehe...

    My Blog <3 : Sabrina Tajudin | Beauty, Crafty, & Lifestyle Blog

    My latest post : Missha M B.B Cream Perfect Cover Review

    1. i know right.... masuk daiso nk tgk2 je, pastu keluar sampai rm50 abis. huk huk :P

  7. semalam pergi Daiso sebab cari silicone mat tu, berdebar-debar pilih sebab dah lama baca post ni then tak ingat design apa kat silicone tu sebab ada bentuk diagonal sarang lebah and bentuk diamond. nasib baik beli yang sama :D thanks for the idea sis, pasni boleh bergembira cuci brushes ^_^

  8. Replies
    1. haaaa rajin2 la membasuh berus. muahahhaha :P

  9. Thanks! Silicon pad was great idea~ walking to Daiso.....



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