Review : Maybelline Color Tattoo

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

Today I want to review an eye product that I've been using regularly in May, and this month too!

Have you ever heard about the Maybelline's Color Tattoo?

Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Gel Shadow by Maybelline is a cream formula that glides on without creasing. It is said to be long-lasting as the 24 hours promise on the packaging. The most interesting fact about this product that it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer.

Shades available :
- Fierce and Tangy 10
- Audacious Asphalt 15 
- Painted Purple 20
- Bad To The Bronze 25
- Pomegranate Punk 30
- Tough As Taupe 35
- Tenacious Teal 40
- Bold Gold 45
- Edgy Emerald 50

For more info, kindly click Maybelline's Official Website here.

I have 2 of these babies, Bad to The Bronze and Edgy Emerald


Bad To The Bronze is definitely my everyday colour. It's so versatile, it acts as my eye shadow base or mix it with other colours. And I do use it on its own if I'm in a rush and need a quick eye look to brighten up my eyes. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply using fingers. Yup blending with my fingers is the way to go. It is a shimmery colours, I believe all the 9 shades are shimmery and has that metallic look and feel to it.




I have not played enough with this colour, but I'm gonna try soon. Maybe mixing it up with purple for a fun look? would you like to see a tutorial on that? hihihi :P

Washing it up with water. I rubbed twice. Only about 10% came off.

This is the result after vigorous amount of rubbing,  -_- *sakit* 

RM Damage : RM19++ each  (I bought these babies during sale but I'm not sure whether the price is already discounted or not)

Where I bought it :
You can buy this in Watson, Guardian or any other store. It's quite accessible BUT some shades might not be available which is such a downer!  

Why I like it :
1. It's long-lasting, it can last the whole day if I want to. But honestly it would last on me about 10 hours (that's the longest I would wear makeup)
2. I love it that I can use it for neutral looks with a pop of shimmers and at the same time I can pack it on to create dramatic looks. 
3. All the shades are gorgeous.
4. I love the packaging because it's not too large and quite light.
5. Super affordable. It's so inexpensive at it's a great product. What more can I ask for?

Why I don't like it :
1. The only thing I don't like about this is it is so hard to find the shades that I want. I've searched high and low for a few shades but it is sold out everywhere! Sedih!! :(

Repurchase : Yes I will, I want Pomegranate Punk please.... Can anyone tell me if the shade is still available? anywhere pun bole.. I want it so badly....  

Do you own any of the shades? let me know what's your favourite, I might pick it up soon! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. tahan lama juga yea eyeshadow ni..xperlu nk pakai byk kali..:)

  2. Hi Sabrina! If I'm not mistaken, Pomegranate Punk is not sold in Malaysia. I'm not sure if it has arrived on our shore yet but the original 6 shades introduced in Malaysia are Bad To The Bronze, Tenacious Teal, Edgy Emerald, Audacious Asphalt, Tough As Taupe, Painted Purple and Fierce & Tangy. Pomegranate Punk is a US only edition coz when I asked my friend in UK to buy it, they have Metallic Pomegranate instead. I myself too are dying to own Pomegranate Punk (T_T)

    1. oh ye ke.. patut takde! alaaa.that's the shade yg I really2 want! :(

  3. I love Bad to the Bronze! :) Couldn't find Pomegranate Punk either, belum sampai Malaysia lagi kan? Found some online tapi mahal sgt.

    1. bad to the bronze best kan?? i can live with that colour for the rest of my life! haha over! :P

  4. i dah start collecting them! suka sgttttt!!!! hope yg metal collection masuk malaysia ASAP! Waiting for Porgemente (xtau eja) Punk and Icy Cool masuk sini.. :(

    1. betul tu! I nak yg metal range tu masuk jugak. why la Malaysia lambat sgt nih?? :(



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