WHY I need a massage?

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone!

Do you know that The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers is organizing a massage party for 50 female bloggers/vloggers? Say whatttt... They always come up with awesome party, I , for sure don't want to miss any of it! ^_^

source : The Butterfly Project's FB Page

The massage party is a collaboration between The Butterfly Project, Amante Nail Spa and Body Care, Photobooth Malaysia and Ask Joey The Sweetest Party. Wanna know more about them? then scroll down!

source : The Butterfly Project's FB Page

The Butterfly Project is a community that gathers all the bloggers and vloggers for events, review or just about anything. You ladies should know by now that they are freaking awesome! Without them, I feel that I would never get the opportunity to mingle with other lovely bloggers. If you never heard of them, well my dear, click HERE to be directed to their FB page. :)

source : Amante's FB Page

By reading the name above, you probably know that Amante is a total heaven for everyone! I mean who doesn't like being pampered, massage and all that girly stuff? Their services include :

- Spa manicure and pedicure
- Aromatherapy body massages
- Hair removal waxing
- Natural  Eyelash Extension
- Facial Treatment
- Jacuzzi & fra infra sauna body treatment.

For more info on Amante :

 source : Amante's FB Page

source : Amante's FB Page

 Don't you want this? :D

Photo Booth Malaysia provides services such as photo booths and mini studio for any occasion. It's a trend nowadays for having photo booths at events. ^_^  Other services they provide include guest book, photography services, album printing and so much more. Kindly click HERE to be directed to their official FB Page.

source : Ask Joey's  FB Page

If you need someone to organize your party, well today is your lucky day!. Ask Joey The Sweetest Party is a party planner that can plan your party according to your needs. Just let them know what you want, and you might be one step closer to your dream party! ;)

 source : Ask Joey's  FB Page

source : Ask Joey's  FB Page

Ask Joey provides services such as :

- Personalized party favors
- Sweet candy buffet centerpieces
- Party Decorator
- Design Conceptualization
- Customized invitations & announcement

and so much more!

Visit their FB Page for mor info :

FB PAge : Ask Joey The Sweetest Party

And now, here's the truth.

Why I need a massage?

Because I need one!! I haven't had a good massage for so so so longgggggggg... I do believe that we need to get a good massage to relax and soften tired, injured and overused muscles. And also to ease low back pain and improve blood circulation. The fact that a massage can help to reduce stress, well..... count me in! Stress is everywhere nowadays, tsk tsk tsk.

Furthermore, I am looking for a new massage place that is affordable and good service at the same time. This is a great way to experience the massage myself. Yeay!

Last but not least, I want to be included in this awesome party is because I want to hangout with my fellow butterlies. I can never get enough of you girls! :D ahahahah *hey nothing funny ok. I just love my girls... awwwwww :)

So girls, what are you waiting for??? Come and join the fun! Click HERE to know more about the massage party! And I hope I'll get an invite. hihi  ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Wow, impressive post! good luck babe! memang xdapat la i mcm ni :pp hehe...

    1. ahaha xde la, everyone ada chance to win. thanks babe, good luck to you too! :)

  2. mani ped. <3 Wonder why the price isn't the same for BTS branch. :/

  3. dis is so interesting. tp preggy can join ke? huhu



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