InnerShine Prune Essence Plus Camu Camu Gala Night

Assalamualaikum and hello lovely people! :)

Yesterday was a great day as I was invited to attend a wonderful event. Wanna know what it is? Read on! :)  

But before that, take a look at the mysterious invitation... ;)


Pretty awesome right? 

Now lets read on! 

What : InnerShine Prune Essence Plus Camu Camu Gala Night
Where : Grand Millennium Hotel, KL
When : June 4th 2013, 4.30pm - 7.30pm

Brand's has a new product, InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu and I got the opportunity to be a part of the launch. The event started at 4.30pm with the arrival and registration of guests, bloggers and also media. Pretty girls in masks, handsome guys in tuxedo, bloggers and guests mingling around while media going about taking photos and videos. 


 A blogger with the beautiful girls in masks.

We were escorted into the ballroom roughly around 5.30pm. The setting was romantic with low light. I managed to get a seat at table 5 and it was a good spot because the table is right in front of the stage.


The emcee welcoming the guests.

Video presentation on the new product, the ingredients and benefits of the new InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu.

A big gift box wrapped in a big bow!


                                   This is the brand new InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu.

Everyone should know by now that Brand's InnerShine Prune Essence has been a much raved product to maintain and enhance youthful skin. 

The all new InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu consists of 3 main ingredients :

1) Camu Camu
Camu Camu is a fruit that contains one of the highest amount of Vitamin C in the world. There's a scientific research that shows this superfruit has more Vitamin C (30 to 50 percents) more than oranges. Vitamin C works as to strengthen  the body immune system and at the same time it helps to produce collagen for youthful skin.

2) Maltodextrin
Maltodextrin is a soluble dietary fiber that helps in digestion and helps the body to detoxifies naturally.

3) Californian Prunes
Californian prunes are highly rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin C. Prunes are known to be as an antioxidant to delay aging signs.

InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu is formulated to :

1) Help the body to produce collagen to ensure a youthful skin.
2) Help the body to combat free radicals because of the richness in antioxidants.
3) Detoxifies the body for a radiant skin.
4) Enhance a better digestive system in a healthy and natural way.
5) Regulating and increasing the the frequency of bowel movement.

   Altimet and Adeep sang the song 'Cantik'..

And out of nowhere, a few guys in tuxedos came on the stage.

And a woman with a face mask came on the stage, looking beautiful in a gorgeous purple dress.

Who is this lady?

It's Izara Aishah, a Malaysian actress and a model. And now she is the ambassador of InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu. She is chosen because she represents a modern woman who believes the importance of smooth, radiant skin and doing it the natural way! She is the new face that will be in television commercials, prints and online advertising and will also be participating in roadshows and trade events. 

She is so beautiful, don't you agree? :)

Looking so gorgeous!

The all new InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu is available throughout Malaysia (super market, hyper market and pharmacies)

The product retails at :
RM30.50 (42ml x 6 bottles)
RM57.90 (42ml x 12 bottles)

For more information, kindly contact Brand's Customer Service line at 1-300-228 300 or visit

And now it's dinner time!

The first course, the appetizer, salmon with cold potato salad. Slightly spicy and the combination between these two ingredients is tasty. I love it!

 While having dinner, we were entertained with Latin dances.

I'm not sure about the taste of the soup, but somehow I believe it is a potato and mushroom soup. Served with a thinly slice of garlic bread. Oh so good!

The usherettes giving out our goodies box!

This is what we got, sweet! :)

Main course, it's chicken with some kind of stuffing with mushroom sauce (I think) And the side dishes were mashed potatoes and salad. This is alright, but I think it needed a bit more seasoning.

Adeep and Altimet entertained us once again with songs such as Kuala Lumpur, Gadis Ayu and Cantik. Great performance!

We were given a bottle of the prune essence plus camu camu during dinner. It tastes like prune juice, sweet and a bit tangy. Love it!

Koh  Joo Siang 
Vice President of Cerebos (M) Sdn. Bhd

As said by the Vice President of Cerebos (M) Sdn. Bhd during the launch, Koh Joo Siang, "Every woman wants youthful and radiant skin to boost their confidence level. They want to be as beautiful as a woman could be with minimal makeup which can be achieved by consuming  InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu every day."

Last course, the dessert! Chocolate cake with white chocolate and strawberry. I didn't managed to finish it of because i was busy taking photos with the other bloggers. :D

Great product, entertaining and wonderful people at the event. This event definitely open up my eyes on the importance of taking care of my skin from the inside.To all the people out there, do try out the InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu if you are looking for a product to enhance your skin's condition.

Till then,

Sabby Prue

*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.



  1. nice event kan..seronok dpt jumpa sabrina..hehe

    1. aah best.. seronok jgk dapat jumpa asyik! :)

  2. Hi kak sabrina, nice to meet u :)

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  5. hey was sooo nice meeting u dear ;)

    1. nice meeting u too dear. hope to see you in future events. :)



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