Vanity Trove x Avene Pink Carpet Beauty Workshop

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I was invited to a beauty workshop by Wiida Ribbon a week ago which is a collaboration between Vanity Trove and Avene (Eau Thermale Avene). ^_^ 

What : Vanity Trove x Avene Pink Carpet Beauty Workshop
When : June 15th 2013, 10.30 am - 2 pm
Where : Cafe Barberra, Bangsar

I arrived just in time to mingle with other bloggers and shoot some photos. But before we start, lets have a cup of coffee first, shall we?


A cup of cappucino to start the day. Nyums!

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the skincare range from Avene.  Do you know that Avene products are originated from a village in France? I would never guessed that! The key ingredients in Avene skincare products is the thermal spring water which is good in treating skin diseases through the soothing properties in the thermal spring water.

Products spread for bloggers to use during workshop.

...The skincare range...


Thermal Spring Water Spray

Hydrance : Light Hydrating Cream with/without SPF

Foaming Gel and Cleanance Gel for Oily/Blemish prone skin

Skin Recovery Cream for Hypersensitive Skin and Extremely Gentle Cleanser

Gentle Milk Cleanser, Extremely Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Gel Cleanser

Click HERE if you want to know more about the history, their hydrotherapy center and just about anything! 

...The Beauty Workshop ...

A presentation on the products by representative from Avene.


And of course we have to try the skincare products according to our skin type.

1st Step : Remove all face makeup by using the makeup remover.

I had a full on makeup face

I didn't use any waterproof makeup that day, so everything came of easily.

2nd Step : Cleanse our face.

I used the gentle gel cleanser because I have normal/combination/dry/sensitive skin. The gel cleanser is very gentle and kind to skin.

3rd Step : Spray our face with the Thermal Spring Water.

 We were told to spray the spring water on our faces, then to a facial mask sheet.

Ahahaha hantu! :P My face is small, that's why I looked like this. hahah most facial mask sheets are way too big for my face. huhu

We also sprayed the cotton puffs for the eyes. just ignore the senget'ness' of everything. haha :P

The Thermal Spring Water is so cooling and refreshing! I really love the feeling on my skin.

4th Step : Toner

 However somehow I don't have the photo. Tsk tsk

Anyway, for me the purpose of toner is to close the pores and at the same time to remove any excess makeup. Oh and also to cool down redness!

5th Step : Apply Serum/ Any extra treatment/ deep lotion

6th Step : Moisturizer/ Day Cream

I chose the Hydrance range with SPF20 because I'm more of a normal/dry/combination skin. yeah my skin is weird. hoho The cream really sets on your face quickly so be sure to massage it into your skin as soon as you dot it on your face.

7th Step : Sunblock with SPF 50+

You gotta put on sunblock girl if you are going out! Don't ever forget it if you don't want to have any fine lines/wrinkles soon!

Feeling so fresh and clean, I feel gooooood ! ;)

and yeah we got our goodies! :D

The cleanser, toner, makeup remover and day cream is good enough for a week! The Thermal Spring  Water is in full size baby! yeay, I will review these products after a week of using it, I promise. :)

What I had : Salad, chicken lasagna and fish fritters. 

Photos during the event....

ahahahaa :P 

With the sweet Farah Hanis :)

With cutie pie Wiida Ribbon. Thanks for inviting me to the workshop darling! xoxo

With my sweetheart Innanie Ariffin. She featured me in her blog (top 5 beauty blogs that she enjoys reading).  Click HERE if you wanna read it! Thank you so much, I'm so touched! love love love :)

With the gorgeous Ayeen Kadir. She's a blogger and also a youtuber!  ;)


I had an amazing time at the workshop. Getting to know more about Avene, and how to use their product. I've always interested to try it out but I don't know why I haven't. Thanks to Vanity Trove for organizing this wonderful event, I gained so much from the workshop! :)

Please visit Avene Websites for more info :
Official website : Eau Thermale Avene
Facebook Page : Avene Malaysia

And also visit Vanity Trove if you are interested to subscribe to their beauty box! :)

I will review the products I received from them, so stay tuned! 

Till then,

Sabby Prue



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  2. so want to try the facial sheet mask! love avene!
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    love georgia

    1. yeah it's been great so far! :) thanks georgia, I will check out your blog! :)



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