Koji Dolly Wink Workshop

Aas salam and hello love! :)  I am so excited to share with you guys my experience on this wonderful workshop. I always heard people raving about this brand, how they love the cute packaging and amazing products. Since I never tried any of their products before, I'm more than happy to be a part of this workshop. :)

Oh what brand am I talking about? 

It's Dolly Wink by Koji, Japan! 

The workshop is held at Little Pantry, IOI Mall, Puchong. The place is so adorable but somehow it reminds me of another restaurant. Huhu

The products display are so pretty!

The eyeliner! Been hearing only good things about these.

Their brand new Curving Eye Lash Curler.

The famous false lashes. Gorgeousssss

We gotta play with makeup! :D

Product presentantion by Koji. The speaker were speaking in Japanese, but we have a translator (of course la if not how to understand -_-)

Through the presentation, I've got to know that Koji has been in the first company in Japan to produce false lashes specifically for Geishas in Japan and they have been around for about 66 years. 16 millions of their products has been sold since 2005! Amazing! ^_^  Dolly Wink is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka (an adorable Japanese model) for Koji and it is well known for their natural, light and gorgeous lashes. 

A brand new product that will be launched in November, called Lash Concierge.  Their lashes are handmade! Seriously, handmade! No wonder the lashes are so soft and they do not feel plastic-y like the usual lashes that we can find in certain stores. The new face for the Lash Concierge is Yumi Hirano, a well-known model in Japan. She is so beautiful! :)  So check out Sasa in November to get a hold of these amazing lashes. ;)

By the way, they even have an app that you can download on your phone so that you can decide which lashes to get! Pretty neat right? :) just search for Tsukema Camera app!

Carolyn trying out the app. :)

It is so much fun playing with the lashes. Hehe

These are the lashes that is available. Can you see the percentage on the box? A higher percentage equals to more natural the lashes is.

These are the tester. It has a handle so it's easier to place it on your lashes while trying out. These tester are handmade too.

Demonstration on the lashes began. 3 girls were selected to try out the lashes. Edazz was the 3rd girl.


I didn't get the chance to try out the lashes at the workshop but I tried their Long Mascara and the Curving Eye Lash Curler. ^_^

With one coat of Long Mascara.

With one coat of Long Mascara and I used the Curving Eye Lash Curler afterwards. I think my lashes looked so good! I will do a full review on the lash curler, so watch out for that ok? :)
*Thanks Sabrina for helping me out capturing these photos. :D

Now it's time for lunch!


And we get to bring these home... Awwww super love!

I would like to say a big thanks to The Butterfly Project for inviting me and also to Koji for the wonderful workshop. Eventhough I am not a fan of false lashes before, but now I think I am turning into one. It's a amazing to know how detailed false lashes making is.

Till then,

Happy false-lashing! ^_*

Sabby Prue 



  1. Tak payah pakai fake lashes. Pakai long mascara dengan eye lash curler pun dah ok. Malah lebih cantik lagi. ^_^

    1. hihi tapi i punya lashes mmg kene pakai serum, sbb jarang2 and sikit, x lebat. kalau pakai fake lashes lagi nampak gebu. haha

  2. i macam nk kumpul dollywink falsies yg lain tu gak.. hehe... setiap kali bukak drawer nmpak my dollywink false lashes, senyum je sbb comel sgt dia duduk dlm tu.. haha

    1. hahaha kannnn.. dahla semua packaging dia comel sgt. geram! :D

  3. Assalamualaikum. waduhh bestnya kak sabby! cantiknya kak sabby. last sheila make up masa nikah dulu. hehehe sampai sekarang masih tak reti bermake up. kak sabby nampak neutral tauuu, comel :)

    1. hohoho biasae2 je, alhamdulillah. thanks dear. :D

    2. hohoho biasae2 je, alhamdulillah. thanks dear. :D



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