Coffee + Music = Nescafe On Sam

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Do you guys drink coffee? Way before Starbucks, Coffee Bean and such, what is the sole coffee brand that will struck in that Malaysian head of yours?






Definitely Nescafe! 

I believe most of Malaysian households have Nescafe in their kitchen cabinet. The aroma of Nescafe especially in the morning  really turns me on. Eh not in the wrong way aaaa.. hahaha :D Last week I got the opportunity to attend a new Nescafe campaign launching in Publika. Wanna know more? Come and read on!

What : Nescafe Cans People Powered Music with Shaheizy Sam
When : 10th September 2013
Where : The Bee, Publika

The new packaging for the Nescafe On Sam campaign

Emcee welcoming all the medias

Speech by  the Business Executive Manager of Nestle Liquid Drinks, Mr Teo Heng Keat.

Nescafe came up with a new campaign called Nestle On The Life which is a campaign that helps to aspire and fulfill the Malaysian youth dreams through music. As known, Nescafe Cans is always involve in the music industry and what better way than having a local celebrity Shaheizy Sam to fulfill his fans dream, together via social media.

Q & A session begins

Before Sam started acting, he was actually a singer of M.O.B (way back when he was younger). Since his fans has been asking him to sing, this is  a good opportunity for him to collaborate with Nescafe. And the best part is that, his fans can contribute their ideas and interesting inspiration for  the lyrics in his new upcoming single through social media. It is so easy to be a part of this campaign. All you need is to share your thoughts through Facebook and Twitter! And don't forget to #NescafeOnSam! 

For info and progress on the campaign, visit :

Sam sang 'Sunday Morning' by Maroon 5 and it was beautiful... heheh

yummy lunch!

Mesti la tak nak lepas peluang. heeeeeeeeee :D

With my awesome blogger friends! ^_^

shawl | *i don't remember -_-
dark blue long sleeve | dorothy perkins
yellow mustard scallop cropped top | dressmeup
skinny jeans | levi's demi curve
wedges | vincci
shoulder bag | nine west

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Bilalah orang ni nak cantik macam kak sabby. Jeleznya, dalam semua gambar lawa

    1. mira comel loteyyyyy! awak pun cantik dlm semua gambar <3

  2. Replies
    1. tula.... ingatkan asyik ada sbb i saw ur other half. hehe

  3. Assalamualaikum. dia punya lunch. kemain lagi! terliur sheila. heeeeee sheila jarang minum nescafe.. kalau terminum, jadi tak ngantuk ;p

    1. hihihi i'm a coffee addict, tp sekarang dh bole control dh, dulu teruk sgt.. coffee is the best! :)



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